Educational books

Educational books

To make young people discover Art Nouveau and get familiar with the present stakes of sustainable development, 2 thematic activity books are developed. 

The content of the books is a combination of recreational activities and historical or artistic information adapted to the age of children, illustrated by a rich iconography. 

Coordinated by the Service des publics des musées at Nancy, they were both created by the illustrator Frédérique Bertrand. A native of Nancy, she has produced several books and illustrations for children.

Tested beforehand by various educational departments, the books will be used in a school framework during class works or visits of Art Nouveau places but also in a family framework.

Educational book 1

This booklet accompanies the exhibition "The Nature of Art Nouveau" and presents a series of short activities for children, featuring Phileas, a little botanist and explorer who acts as their guide.
Soft-cover booklet with 16 colour pages, for children from 7 to 11.

Activity book in French, Dutch, Finnish, German

Educational book 2

Through a funny presentation thanks to stickers, children will learn to recognize flowers and plants that inspired numerous Art Nouveau artists all over Europe and their importance, arousing them to the ecological behaviors and to the botany.
Soft-cover booklet with 16 colour pages, for children from 7 to 11.

Activity book in French

With the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union

Responsible publisher: Arlette Verkruyssen, General Director,
Brussels Regional Public Service - Bruxelles Développement urbain (Brussels Urban Development),
CCN - Rue du Progrès 80, B. 1, 1035 Brussels - Belgium