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ID VenueMuseo Cantonale d'Arte Lugano
Start Date15. syyskuuta 2013
End Date12. tammikuuta 2014
NameMyths and Mysteries Symbolism and Swiss Artists
DescriptionIn the Autumn the rooms of the Museo Cantonale d’Arte and the Museo d’Arte will house an important exhibition treating the theme of Symbolism, the result of an intense collaboration with the Kunstmuseum Bern where the exhibition was presented in the Spring. Curated by Valentina Anker, this exhibition offers an extraordinary journey in the symbolist imaginary that bridged the nineteenth and twentieth centuries by way of the works by the most important Swiss protagonists who here ‘hold a dialogue’ with their European colleagues. From among the many artist who will be present we can mention not only Arnold Böcklin, Augusto and Giovanni Giacometti, Johann Heinrich Füssli, Ferdinand Hodler, Giovanni Segantini, Carlos Schwabe, Albert Trachsel, Félix Vallotton and Albert Welti but also Edoardo Berta, Adolfo Feragutti Visconti, Filippo Franzoni, Luigi Rossi, Jean-Joseph Carriès, William Degouve de Nuncques, Fernand Khnopff, Gustave Moreau, Gaetano Previati, Odilon Redon, Auguste Rodin, Franz von Stuck, Hans Thoma and Jan Toorop. Made possible thanks to the support of Credit Suisse, a partner of both the Museo d’Arte and the Kunstmuseum ¨Bern, the exhibition will investigate themes such as the dream, the subconscious, the hybrid, violence and death, sublime and disturbing nature, the angelical–and at the same time demoniacal– female, and the cosmos and the infi nite, offering the public the possibility of discovering the different languages with which during a period rich in changes the artists gave form to their hopes and expectations–although above all to their spectres and anxieties.
Type of eventExhibition

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