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ID VenueItalia Liberty
Start Date21. helmikuuta 2013
End Date31. lokakuuta 2013
NamePhoto Contest “Italian Liberty”
DescriptionOn February 21, he left the photo contest ''Italian Liberty’’, organized and promoted by the cultural ANDEL (National Association of Defense Buildings Liberty). The competition is part of the project ‘‘Italia Liberty’’ conceived and directed by Andrea Speziali, expert scholar of the artistic "Art Nouveau" and author of several books on architecture Liberty. The Photo Contest ‘‘Italian Liberty’’ is sponsored by the portal of the Cultura Italia (Ministry of Heritage and Culture), by the European project PartagePlus and ENIT National Tourism Agency. The artistic director of the competition, Andrea Speziali uses several collaborations: scholars, academics, art historians and critics, researchers, state archives, schools, universities, academies and public and private art collections. Paramount importance to achieve the purpose of the project is the website through which the creator Andrea Speziali, it is proposed to reevaluate an artistic movement like that of floral style in Italy. The photo competition aims to excite and bring young and old in this cultural project in the future that sees the publication of a series of publications on the Liberty for each divided region of Italy.
AuthorAndrea Speziali
Type of eventWorkshop

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