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Art Nouveau à Aix les Bains

Rendez-vous à Grenoble à 8h30 précises place de Verdun ou à Crolles à 9h parking Casino

10h Visite Musée Faure 

12h30 repas au Casino Grand Cercle (salle Belle Epoque)
Attention : Carte Nationale d’Identité obligatoire pour visiter le Casino

L’après-midi visite de palaces…

Prix global : 54 euro

Inscription à renvoyer avant le 5 octobre 2014 à Laurent Chevrier, 356 chemin du petit Lumbin 38660 Lumbin Tél : 04 76 08 21 15

Les Marolles et l’Art nouveau - ARAU
Le quartier des Marolles est depuis toujours un lieu d’accueil des populations et des formules sociales innovantes. Au tournant du xxe siècle, deux écoles, un vaste entrepôt de vins et spiritueux, une cité sociale de type phalanstère et un atelier d’artiste y sont édifiés en style Art nouveau. Cette visite met en évidence ces lieux phares de l’Art nouveau bruxellois dans ce quartier populaire du centre ville. Durée: 2H30
Massa Lombarda
ROMAGNA LIBERTY BIKE - Riding a bike to visit the Art Nouveau villas in Romagna
In the year of the Liberty Association Rimini Cycling and Walking ( fairy tales ) organized the itinerary ''Romagna Liberty bike'' on the project and guidance of Andrea Speziali to visit in and out of the masterpieces of Liberty to the Romagna region, from villas to finest palaces that at the beginning of the twentieth century represented the bourgeois elite in a period known as the Belle Epoque. It is a journey Liberty with the aim to bring even more young people to rediscover the Art Nouveau villas of Romagna with a project that combines culture and health consciousness . The tour started February 23 with a guided tour of the exhibition Forlì ''Liberty. A style for modern Italy'' and then a path to learn about the Art Nouveau buildings including forlivesi best known as the former pension Victoria Sardi cottage in Via Cairoli , the wrought iron gates of the palace Guarini Torelli 1912 Fabri and villas via Matteucci. He also participated in the national RAI-3 ''Bell'Italia''. The program includes trips scattered throughout the Romagna in cities like Santarcangelo with the villa Vincenzi and the theater where you can see the finest made ​​in wrought iron , rich in Riccione colony where there will be a guided tour of the exhibition'' Liberty '' staged in Romagna a historic villa in Ceccarini which houses the art gallery Montparnasse , Faenza , Ravenna with art Nouveau buildings with fine decorations in terracotta, Cervia Milano Marittima, where you can visit the homes designed by architects such as Matthew Focaccia, Pesaro with the cottage Ruggeri, Liberty pearl of the Adriatic, Cesena , Cesenatico with a visit to the villa in the elegant lounges Pompili known for its wrought iron gate , Nouveau masterpiece , Viserba with the Grand Hotel, one of the finest examples of Art Nouveau in the area, with Massa Lombarda Zaganelli cultural center to the city of Imola, which keeps several notable examples such as former kindergarten Romeo Galli. October 12 EARTH LOMBARD Cottages in via Zaganelli and municipal Bibilioteca . November 9 IMOLA Former kindergarten Romeo Galli , home Bertaccini , pharmacy Bortolotti , Agricultural Institute . The monograph ''Romagna Liberty'' by Andrea Speziali published by Maggioli as a sort of guide where to learn more about a style known as Art Nouveau . Anyone interested can join by contacting the association for the detailed program or visit . All tours have a cost of 2 € for insurance, while those with pleasure can join the association with an annual card for € 16 which includes insurance RCT H24 for damage caused by bike outside of official trips . During the guided tours you can take photos for the second edition of the Photo Contest ENGLISH LIBERTY from March 3 to 31 October 2014. ( For more information: | cell . 334 9516245 - Fax . 0541 56311
Introduction to Glasgow Style

Born at the highly influential Glasgow School of and blending together the imagery of the Celtic Revival with influences from Art Nouveau and the Arts & Crafts Movement, the term ‘Glasgow Style’ was coined and came to represent a distinctive style developed in the west of Scotland. Join Curator, Beth Hughes, to find out more about the leading makers associated with the Glasgow Style in our latest exhibition Glasgow Style: Arts & Crafts 1890-1930.

Free with admission, no booking required.

Bruxelles 1900 Art nouveau - ARAU
Cette visite en car constitue, depuis plus de 30 ans, l’offre phare de l’ARAU - Elle permet de comprendre la place de l’Art nouveau à Bruxelles et l’originalité de ce mouvement qui bouleversa l’architecture et les arts décoratifs à la fin du 19e siècle. À travers la ville, le visiteur découvre les plus belles façades de l’Art nouveau dont certaines sont désormais inscrites au patrimoine mondial de l’UNESCO. Cette visite est également l’occasion de pénétrer dans des intérieurs remarquables, parfois ouverts exceptionnellement : l’hôtel van Eetvelde, l’hôtel Winssinger, la maison Autrique ou les anciens magasins Waucquez (actuellement Centre Belge de la Bande Dessinée) de Victor Horta, l’hôtel Hannon de Jules Brunfaut ou encore l’école n°1 d’Henri Jacobs. Chaque visite inclut au moins deux de ces intérieurs. Ce tour est bilingue (FR/EN).
Brussels 1900 Art nouveau - ARAU
Over the last 30 years, this coach tour has proved the most popular and well-known of ARAU -’s tours. The tour helps participants to understand the place of Art nouveau in Brussels, its origins, its technical and stylistic characteristics, and the personalities of its most well-known architects. The tour travels through several districts of the city to show participants beautiful Art nouveau facades, some of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The tour also offers the chance to visit extraordinary Art nouveau interiors, including some not normally open to the public. Each tour includes at least two interiors from the following list, subject to availability : Victor Horta’s van Eetvelde house, Winssinger house, Autrique house or Waucquez store (now the Belgian Strip Cartoon Centre), Jules Brunfaut’s Hannon house, Henri Jacobs’ Schaerbeek School No.1. BILINGUAL TOUR (EN/FR)
Symposium - 2014 International Venice Architecture Biennale

Architectural experts are to meet in Venice to discuss the restoration of Glasgow School of Art's (GSA) Mackintosh library, which was destroyed in a fire in May.

The art school will host two meetings to explore key questions around the rebuilding of the unique library, one in the Italian city in October and the second in Glasgow next spring.

The Venice symposium will feature keynote speakers, while figures from fields such as architecture and heritage will be invited to attend. The event, on October 18, is taking place in Querini Stampalia during the 2014 International Venice Architecture Biennale. Members of the public will also be able to attend.

It will be aligned with the Scotland + Venice programme presented by Reiach and Hall as part of a residency at the UK Pavilion during the biennale.

Art nouveau à Schaerbeek - ARAU
Au début du XXe siècle, le village de Schaerbeek est bouleversé par la création de la prestigieuse avenue Louis Bertrand. Des nouveaux quartiers résidentiels et arborés y attirent la bourgeoisie qui fait appel aux meilleurs architectes de l’époque. Gustave Strauven, François Hemelsoet ou encore Henri Jacobs y réinventent l’immeuble à appartements, la maison unifamiliale ou encore le complexe scolaire. Visite d’intérieur en tour public : Maison Autrique (Victor Horta). Durée: 2H30
Winter Park, Florida
Revival and Reform—Eclecticism in the 19th-Century Environment

The Arts window by J. & R. Lamb Studios is the centerpiece of this major new exhibition that illustrates the rich diversity of styles that made up the aesthetic environment of the late 19th century in both Europe and America. Lamb Studios, a prominent American glasshouse of the era, exhibited the 1894 neoclassical window widely. In preparation for its debut at the Morse, the window, more than eight feet in diameter, underwent extensive conservation. The installation features 20 additional leaded-glass windows and selections of art glass, pottery, and furniture, a number of which also have never been exhibited. Other windows on view—some avant-garde, others reviving the past—include examples by Tiffany Studios, John LaFarge, Frank Lloyd Wright, Edward Burne-Jones, Donald MacDonald, and Heaton, Butler & Bayne.

Bad Nauheim
Guided tours of the exhibition The Nature of Art Nouveau for children - Kinderführungen

Free guided tours - Kostenfreie Führungen

More information:
Bad Nauheim Stadtmarketing und Tourismus GmbH
In den Kolonnaden 1 · 61231 Bad Nauheim
Tel. +49 (6032) 92 992-0 ·

Totalement Horta - ARAU
L’ARAU propose une visite en car exclusivement consacrée au chef de file de l’Art nouveau belge?: Victor Horta. Une occasion unique de mieux comprendre l’oeuvre de cet architecte de talent à travers trois de ses réalisations?: une maison bruxelloise singulière (maison Autrique), un hôtel de maître (hôtel Van Eetvelde) et un ancien magasin de tissu (anciens magasins Waucquez). Durée: 3H00
Totally Horta - ARAU
This three-hour coach tour explores the remaining buildings of Victor Horta, the leading Belgian Art nouveau architect. A unique opportunity to find out more about the buildings designed by this architectural genius through an examination of three of them : a luxury townhouse (van Eetvelde house), a primary school (Saint-Ghislain kindergarten) and a former wholesale drapery shop (Waucquez store).
Hôtel Solvay - Voir et Dire Bruxelles
Œuvre majeure de l’architecte Victor Horta, il fut édifié dès 1894 à la demande de l’industriel Armand Solvay. Exprimant le principe d’Art Total, l’architecte y combine avec succès matériaux d’exception et techniques de pointe. Patrimoine mondial de l’UNESCO.
Solvay House
This was Victor Horta’s largest private house, commissioned by the industrial magnate Armand Solvay. Construction began in 1894, and the architect expressed the principle of a “total work of art” by successfully combining top-quality materials with innovative techniques. UNESCO World Heritage.
Hôtel Max Hallet - Voir et Dire Bruxelles
Chef-d’oeuvre de Victor Horta (1902-1905), ce bâtiment combinant pièces d’habitation et de réception offre des espaces lumineux où courbes et contre-courbes se reflètent harmonieusement dans de splendides verrières et vitraux.

With the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union

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