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Restoring Art Nouveau

As part of the project Sustainable protection and promotion of the Art Nouveau heritage in the Danube region, the Budapest Museum of Applied Arts is pleased to invite the public to the conference and workshop Restoring Art Nouveau.

In the conference section, experts from many fields will present examples of successful Art Nouveau building restorations and the protection of Art Nouveau heritage at various points in the Danube region, while the workshops deal with technical questions of restoration.

Peter Trowles, Mackintosh Curator at the Glasgow School of Art, member of the Réseau Art Nouveau Network, will give a keynote lecture on behalf of the RANN on the “restoration and redecoration of the Glasgow School of Art”.

Free of charge participation, registration required

Du néo-impressionnisme à l'Art nouveau : quand l'artiste se fait artisan

Matinée, animateur : Mme Françoise Aubry 09 h 00 : Xavier Tricot : Henry van de Velde, peintre et dessinateur 09 h 30 : Dr Alexandre Kostka : Henry van de Velde et les XX : naissance d'un médiateur 10 h 00 : Dr Borys Delobbe : Henry van de Velde, un bouillant animateur d'art pour la ville d'Anvers 10 h 30 : Questions - réponses Pause 11 h 30 : Dr Jane Block : ‘Recourir à la ligne pour échapper à la technique mécanique du point’ : Henry Van de Velde and the aura of Néo-Impressionnism 12 h : Dr Ingeborg Becker : Book illustration and advertising graphic by Georges Lemmen for Henry van de Velde, Harry Graf Kessler and Julius Meier-Graefe 12 h 30 : Jérémie Cerman : Morren, van de Velde, Lemmen et le papier peint 13 h : Questions réponses Déjeuner Après-midi, animateur : Mme Anne Van Loo 14 h 30 : Benjamin Zurstrassen : Henry van de Velde, en quête d'une maîtrise plastique : l'exemple de ses premiers meubles (1893 - 1902) 15 h : Priska Schmückle von Minckwitz : Vivre dans les couleurs des peintres - Le Bloemenwerf d'Henry van de Velde et de Maria Sèthe 15 h 30 : Maud Rochez : A restoration study of Hôtel Otlet in Brussels (1896): a masterpiece by Octave Van Rysselberghe and Henry van de Velde 16 h : Prof. ém. Jos Vandenbreeden : Henry van de Velde et Victor Horta : de l’ornement linéaire et dynamographique aux structures de la nature, fondements de l’espace architectural. 16 h 30 : Questions - réponses 17 h : visite de l'exposition au musée Horta (25, rue Américaine, 1060, Saint-Gilles), "Henry van de Velde, pastels et dessins (1884 - 1904)".

A Bird's Eye View of Art Nouveau

A photo exhibition set up in front of the Reök Palace shows Szeged's most beautiful art nouveau buildings from an unusual perspective. The emphasis is on details that are often hidden from view. An exhibition of recent drone photos taken of 14 lovely Szeged buildings are now on display for passers-by on Ede Magyar Square. The exhibition's title also refers to an anecdote told about Ödön Lechner, one of the greatest geniuses of Hungarian art nouveau architecture. The story goes that one of Lechner's students had lodged the criticism that it was a shame to design such a splendid roof for one of the master's palaces, because nothing could be seen of it from street level. To this, Lechner replied, “The birds will see them!” The collection being displayed in front of the Reök Palace uses this thinking as its starting point. The novelty of the images is the fact that they show these stunning buildings from an angle that we only rarely see them, if ever. These thrilling photos reveal hidden details. The Reök Palace, built in 1907, is the most beautiful art nouveau building in Szeged, and perhaps all of Hungary. Often compared to Gaudí's structures in Barcelona, it was designed by the brilliant architect Ede Magyar as a residence for the hydraulic engineer Iván Reök. Even by European standards, the palace is one of the finest examples of art nouveau architecture. It serves as the point of origin for the A Bird's Eye View of Art Nouveau exhibition. Also included in the overview along with from the palace are the Ungár-Mayer House, also designed by Magyar, and the Raichle Palace. The latter was built based on the plans of architect J. Ferenc Raichle, a leading light of the art nouveau style in the Vojvodina region, in the same year that the Reök Palace was completed. Raichle was also responsible for the Gróf Palace, a beautiful and iconic Szeged building that also appears among the photos. Other images include the Deutsch Palace, the New Synagogue and the Tömörkény High School building. The exhibition will remain open in front of the REÖK Regional Art Center until 20 December. Compiled from footage from EURO-TV, it was organised by students working on a curatorial specialisation in the University of Szeged's philosophy master's degree programme under the direction of art historian Dr Róbert Nátyi.

With the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union

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