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ID VenueGalleria d’Arte Montparnasse
Start Datesábado, 5 de Abril de 2014
End Datequinta-feira, 31 de Julho de 2014
NameROMAGNA LIBERTY Villas and works of art in Romagna Liberty nineteenth and twentieth centuries
Descriptionopening Saturday, April 5 at 17:00 Download images for editorial : / The Foundation Onlus Pantaleoni Fontanesi Cicchetti presents the exhibition " ROMAGNA LIBERTY: Liberty Villas and works of art in Romagna between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries " to count the year of Liberty rich in cultural events related to the theme . The exhibition, curated by Andrea Speziali, a scholar specializing in the art movement known as the " Art Nouveau" will develop in Riccione from April 5 to July 31, through a documentary exhibition of Art Nouveau architecture and works of art in Romagna, housed in the premises of Art Gallery Montparnasse building that recalls the theme of the exhibition, as characterized by an outer wall painted by four artists from Turin at the beginning of the twentieth century. The exhibition will be characterized by appointment riccionese public presentation of evocative period images, historical documents such as postcards, posters and leaflets original, mainly concerning the architecture of Romagna between the late 800 and early 900 in seaside resorts such as Catholic, Riccione, Rimini, Viserba, Cesenatico, Cervia, Milano Marittima and Comacchio to inland cities such as Cesena, Forlì and Faenza. The exhibition is spread over four paths divided by areas: Province of Rimini, Province of Forlì -Cesena, Ravenna Province and a section dedicated to the great masterpieces of Art Nouveau in Bologna and province, where Imola, which was part of the beginning of the Romagna 1900, has several buildings Liberty. Among the documents on display will indicate the projects of buildings designed by leading architects of the period, such as the Dalmatian, very active in Romagna, Mario Mirko Vucetich (1898-1975), Matthew Focaccia (1900-1975), Paolo and Alberto Sironi, brothers Somazzi who designed the Grand Hotel Rimini, Leonidas Emilio Rosetti, Arturo Meadows, Regimo Mirri, Joseph Palanti, Roberto Franzoni, Rutillio, Ceccolini, Francesco Matteucci, Domenico Baccarini, Achilles Calzi , Achille Casanova , Minardi Brothers , and other lesser known authors . It will be exhibited artwork of Gustav Klimt, one of the most famous artists of the Art Nouveau artistic movement. The work is an oil on canvas portrait of Johanna Staude 1916, exhibited in the exhibition to represent the Vienna Secession in relation to Liberty. The lack of attention of art historians has meant that the beautiful architecture of Liberty not conquered Romagna, in the history of the place they well deserve. The aim of the exhibition is to analyze and document the story of Art Nouveau architecture and its protagonists to raise awareness towards the conservation, protection and enhancement of the evidence remained of this architectural style is in Romagna in Italy. The Italian project '' Liberty '' , which is part of the exhibition Romagna Liberty, aims to enhance the visual arts at the time of the Belle Époque. Purpose for which Andrea Speziali has created a gallery can be visited on the site, for a census of all the individual buildings and to admire the wonders of the peninsula and see the routes along with the Liberty cultural news , news about exhibitions and publications on the topic. The exhibition Romagna ''Liberty'' is presented, then, like a trip back in time able to revive, through images and an important documentation , the golden age who transmitted his optimism even in architecture, which saw the birth of the tourism on the Riviera and it has left unmistakable elegance of the buildings in the city. During the exhibition there will be a series of conferences devoted to the subject in the evocative '' '' Ceccarini Terrace , a cultural meeting place "open" in the art gallery. In addition, you can participate route Romagna ''Liberty'' organized by the Cycling and Walking Cycling in Rimini, where with your bike, you can visit the interiors and exteriors of historic mansions in Romagna with the guidance of Andrea Apothecaries. More information: Until 31 October 2014, you can attend, free of charge, the second annual Photo Contest ENGLISH LIBERTY with 30 photographs related to the theme of Art Nouveau ( Romagna Liberty , under the auspices of the Savings Bank Foundation of Forli, is made in conjunction with the exhibition ''LIBERTY. A style for modern Italy'' (open at the Musei San Domenico Forlì until June 15, 2014) and with the State Archives Rimini (MiBACT) to expand the theme of Art Nouveau architecture in Romagna. Open to the public : Saturdays and Sundays (including holidays) from April to May : from 16:00 to 19:30 June and July every day from 20:00 to 00:00 Admission is free. Always open by appointment for schools and groups and guided tours sponsorships: State Archives Rimini - Ministry of Heritage and Culture and Tourism European project Partage Plus Emilia Romagna Region FAI , the Italian Environmental Fund ( Regional Directorate of Emilia -Romagna ) Savings Bank Foundation of Forlì Province of Rimini Province of Forlì -Cesena Province of Ravenna Municipality of Riccione Municipality of Rimini Municipality of Forlì partners : La Notte Rosa Consortium area of Riccione Viale Ceccarini Technical sponsor: MAG- JLT The Study Committee of the exhibition boasts the presence of important critics and art historians Renato Barilli, Maurizio Calvesi, Fabio Benzi, Beatrice Buscaroli, Giorgio Di Genova, Riccardo Gresta, Paolo Portoghesi, Vittorio Sgarbi, Ulisse Tramonti, Vincenzo Vandelli and Lara Vinca Masini. Artists : Gustav Klimt, Domenico Baccarini, Pietro Melandri, Alexander Mazzucotelli, Mirko Vucetich, Paul and Ezio Somazzi, Silvio Avondo , Achilles Calzi , Richard Ginori , Orsino Bongi, Paul and Alberto Sironi, Leonidas Emilio Rosetti, Arturo Meadows, Regimo Mirri, Joseph Palanti Roberto Franzoni, Rutillio Ceccolini, Francesco Matteucci, Minardi Brothers, M. Fracchia, Virgil Retrosi, Aldo Mazza, Hildebrand Capatti Carlo Parmeggiani, Pier Augustus Tagliaferri , Hippolytus Medini , Leopoldo Tassinari , Joseph Mazzei, Galileo Chini, Roberto Franzoni, Matthew Focaccia, Oreste Ruggeri, Giuseppe Brega, Molaroni, Arnaldo Giuliani, Nerio Fantini, Achille Casanova, Caesar Tamburini, Umberto Pagnoni, Francesco Matteucci, Castellani, John Guerrini.
AuthorAndrea Speziali
URLopening Saturday, April 5 at 17:00 Download images for editorial : / The Foundation Onlus Pantaleoni Fontanesi Cicchetti presents the exhibition " ROMAGNA LIBERTY: Liberty Villas and works of art in Romag
Type of eventExhibition

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