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ID VenueA l'angle de la chaussée de Haecht et de l'avenue Louis Bertrand
Start Date01 January 2050
End Date01 January 2999
NameArt Nouveau and Malta - An Introduction
DescriptionThis catalogue covers an exhibition that aims to evoke memories of a not too distant past when applied arts were first acknowledged as actual art forms. Indeed, Art Nouveau was the predominant style at the turn of the 20th century. Its exponents convincingly believed that everything and anything had the potential to and could be termed as 'art'. Perhaps no other style is so conceptually close to Heritage Malta's mission and vision, which is that of bringing art and culture closer to the public. Alphonse Mucha's quest for beauty drove him to produce splendid works of art which include successful designs for packaging and applied arts. He raised the profile of everyday objects which are now considered as things of beauty in their own right. It could be said that Mucha was the Andy Warhol (1928-1987) of his time by popularising art through simple everyday objects which were presented artistically and with flair. This exhibition is one of many projects that we are committed to undertake so as to promote appreciation and understanding of the arts in general. Such events while complementing our own very extensive wealth of cultural assets, allow the public at large to enjoy, here in Malta, works of an international standard. This initiative was also possible thanks to the Mucha Trust, to John and Sarah Mucha, as well as to the staff of Heritage Malta, who always rise to the occasion. Joseph Said, Chairman.
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