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Start Date1. tammikuuta 2009
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NameArt Nouveau in Romania
DescriptionArt Nouveau was a movement widespread in Europe, crisscrossing the continent from Scotland to Transylvania, from Finland to Spain, and was prominent from the 1880s up until the 1920s, producing artefacts in every artistic field. Although it was a pan-European phenomenon, the very plethora of its names is suggestive of its regionalist features: in Frances it was called "Art Nouveau" or "Le Modern Style", in Germany "Die Jugendstil", in Austria and Hungary "Sezession", in Spain "Arte joven", in Italy "Arte nuova", in the Netherlands "Nieuwe kunst", in Scotland the "Glasgow Style", and in Poland "Mloda Polska". Every country had its own version of Art Nouveau, and within the national versions there were local variants. Thus the movement was by no means a homogenous phenomenon, and is to be identified more with a period than with a style.
AuthorAda Stefanut
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