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ID VenueFernando Pinos galeria d'art
Start Datesabato 1 gennaio 2050
End Datemartedì 1 gennaio 2999
NameBetween lights : Lamps and artefacts of illumination with style
Description“There is no light so domestic as nocturnal light, nor space so private as that which is tenderly illuminated by lamps”, with these words the architect Luis Fernandez-Galiano introduced one of the areas of an exhibition on interior spaces referring to nocturnal lights. It is to say that the private space is recognized by nocturnal lighting, which, according to the moment, is the flame of a candle that trembles or the lampshades which project conical incandescent forms as if they were domestic lighthouses. Light transfigures that which it touches and the variety of lamps is not as important as the variety of lights. Thus, light sources determine a particular atmosphere. To write about a type of artefact which is so familiar as lamps seems to lead to a reflection on their appearance and function, which have varied over time. By way of introduction we will sketch out a few considerations, that are in no way intended as a history, nor a stylistic sequence. In fact, we want to offer you some ingredients with which to reflect and which could be useful for future in-depth study on the fascinating history of human light. 15 euros
AuthorT.-M. Sala, F. Pinos
PublisherEditorial MMCAT
Type of eventPublication

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