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ID VenueNational Gallery of Canada
Start Datevenerdì 8 novembre 2013
End Datelunedì 17 febbraio 2014
NameArtists, Architects and Artisans: Canadian Art 1890–1918
DescriptionThe exhibition Artists, Architects and Artisans looks at the interaction among artists, architects and artisans, as well as critics and collectors during these fruitful years. Painters produced murals and architects designed furniture, clubs formed to bring writers, musicians, artists and architects together while collectors and governments commissioned paintings, furnishings and sculpture for public and private buildings. Photography rivaled painting and crafts became applied design. The exhibition will explore how architecture, monumental sculpture, urban planning, mural and decorative painting, graphic design, decorative arts and photography came together in Canada during these prosperous decades. Deriving their goals from both the Beaux-Arts and Arts and Crafts movements, practitioners of the various arts encouraged an aesthetic that saw art manifest in all aspects of daily life; an aesthetic that was both stimulated by and enhanced the many international currents of art. Featured artists include Robert Harris, George Reid, Ozias Leduc, Gustav Hahn and Harriet Ford, architects Eden Smith, Edward and William Maxwell, Percy Nobbs and Samuel Maclure and sculptors Louis-Philippe Hébert, G.W. Hill and Alfred Laliberté. Organized by the National Gallery of Canada.
Type of eventExhibition

With the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union

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