Mednarodni simpozij 2010

Percepcija art nouveauja, Bruselj, 4.-5. decembra 2010
Program in povzetki: Francoski/Angleški ali Francosko/Holandski

Vsi prispevki so bili recenzirani.

AuthorMetta TIEMONVorsitzende, Jugendstilverein Bad Nauheim
TitleReawakening Art Nouveau heritage through private initiative in Bad Nauheim

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AbstractThe fountain court, Sprudelhof, of the once world-famous spa town Bad Nauheim lay idle and neglected for many years. The thesis of art historian Britta Spranger drew attention to its fine Art Nouveau architecture and decoration in the 1980ies.
The aims of the Art Nouveau association, Jugendstilverein Bad Nauheim, founded in 1997, are to maintain the cultural heritage and make it known to a wider public.
In the lecture, examples of restoring Art Nouveau elements by voluntary work, private publicity activities as well as organizing public protest are explained. Finally the most ambitious project, establishing an Art Nouveau centre in spa house 4 is mentioned.


With the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union