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ID VenueMagazzini del sale, Sala Rubicone
Start DateMontag, 23. Juni 2014
End DateMontag, 14. Juli 2014
NameLIBERTY GRAPHICS. For a new director of Art Nouveau
DescriptionThe Museo de Arte Povera along with Sogliano count for the year of Liberty organized the exhibition "LIBERTY GRAPHICS: For a new director of the Art Nouveau" on the project and edited by Andrea Speziali. The exposure of international interest with graphic works by great masters of the period as Alfons Mucha, Aleardo Terzi, George and Joseph Kienerk Palanti, held in Cervia from 23 June to 14 July in the picturesque setting of Salt warehouses, dining Rubicon, building historic city dating back to the eighteenth century. The itinerary of the exhibition dedicated to the late nineteenth century early twentieth century graphic is characterized by striking graphic works including posters, magazine illustrations and graphic works of the author. The works on display are from the Museo de Arte Povera Sogliano and private collectors who have lent sensitized to the project properties of considerable value to document the great beauty of Art Nouveau graphics protagonist of the twentieth century. Among the graphic display included those by artists such as Alfons Mucha , Pliny Nomellini, Joseph Palanti, Leopoldo Melticovitz, Adolfo Hohenstein, Tito Corbella and Raphael Kirchner; while among those from a private collection there are graphics of Aleardo Terzi, Henri Bellery Desfontaines, Mardello Dudovich, Edward Burne- Jones, George Kienerk, Henri Riviere, Jean Marie Mataloni, Granville Fell, Alexandre Charpentier, Pius Collivadino, Aubrey Beardsley and Eugène Grasset . On display will be works by approximately one hundred artists between Italians and foreigners to witness what was the artistic movement known as Art Nouveau (New Art in France) . Almost all of the works come from famous magazines of the time as Novissima, Illustrated Scene, Italy and The Great Ride Illustration in Italy, The London Studio magazine, The New York International Studio magazine, L'Estampe Moderne and Le Mois in France. It will be also shown a photo album , a masterpiece of an anonymous artist of that page for the page watercolor Graphic Art Nouveau. It is an artifact unpublished. This exhibition is a continuation of that forlivese which closed its doors June 15 . The project ''Italia Liberty'', which is part of the exhibition Romagna Liberty, aims to enhance the visual arts at the time of the Belle Époque. Purpose for which Andrea Speziali has created a gallery can be visited on the site, for a census of all the individual buildings and to admire the wonders of the peninsula and see the routes along with the Liberty cultural news, news about exhibitions and publications on the topic. INFORMATION | Mobile : 339 648 32 87 ( Benito ) Cervia Tourist Office : 0544 974 400 Mobile : 335 6097313 (Tourist Office of Sogliano ) Museo de Arte Povera: Palace Marcosanti - Ripa piazza Mazzini - Sogliano the Rubicon - 47030 (Forlì -Cesena) Tel : 0541 948418 Open to the public : All groups : from 21:00 to 24:00 Admission is free. Always open by appointment for schools and groups for guided tours and overtime artists : Alfons Mucha, Aleardo Terzi, Victor Lhuer, Constance Read, David Baxter, Christopher Dean, Alijandro De Riquer, Louis Bompard, Aleardo Terzi, Giovanni Costantini, Augusto Majani, Peter Fragiacomo, Granville Fell, Eisen Keisai , Attilio Formilli, Alberto Micheli, John Mary Mataloni, Riccardo Galli, Charles Robinson, Auguste Lepere, Adolfo Hohenstein, Jean- Louis Forain, Arthur Anselm Orr, Peter Church, Henri Bellery Desfontaines, Alexandre de Riquer, William Nicholson, Pius Collivadino, Alfredo Baruffi, Marcello Dudovich, Plinio Nomellini, James Strutt, George Edward Kruger, Mary Houston, Hans Thoma, Womrath Kay, James McNeill Whistler, Jessie King, John Thirtle, Gertrude Siddall, Emile Icguy, Thomas Corson, Kiyonaga, Langdon Kihn, Bernard Sleigh, Selwyn Image, George Auriol , After Hokusai, Mabel Dawson, Reginald Wells, R. Ruthie, Edward Burne- Jones, Charles Herbert Woodbury, Henri Riviere, George Kienerk, Kate Light, Orestes Ruggeri, Giuseppe Palanti, Leopoldo Melticovitz, Tito Corbella, Aubrey Beardsley, Eugène Grasset, Raphael Kirchner RS Angell, Graham Robertson, George Logan, Zeshin Shibata, EF Beckett, John Hassall, L. Levy Dhurmer, W. Simpson, Robert Anning Bell, Alexandre Charpentier, Théophile Alexandre Steinlen, Jules Cheret, Chokusui Hirai, Thomas Robert Way, George Clausen, Joseph Walter West, Annie Urquhart, Charles Conder, George Auriol, Nico Jungmann, Sigismond Jeanes, Van Hoytema, Alex Lunois, Villas Vallgren, Charles Mackintosh, Ralph Peacock, Joseph Hoffmann, M. Niedermoser, Percy Gossop, F. Aubert, Eleanor Brickdale, Francis Jourdain, Heywood Sumner, Armand Rassenfosse, C. Conder, Lewis Baumer, Willy Dressler.
AuthorAndrea Speziali
Type of eventExhibition

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