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ID VenueMathildenhoehe
Start Date26. mai 2013
End Date25. august 2013
NameBernhard Hoetger - The Place Tree Grove
DescriptionA Total Artwork on the Mathildenhöhe Darmstadt Artists' Colony Museum and open-air exhibition ground of the Mathildenhöhe There is no other place where Hoetger’s works from before the First World War can be experienced as fully and impressively as on the Mathildenhöhe Darmstadt. The exhibition "Bernhard Hoetger - The Plane Tree Grove" takes place both in the Artists' Colony Museum and in the Plane Tree Grove where visitors can admire the sculpture program using audio guides. In the museum his early works, including important Parisian and protoexpressionistic sculptures, will be on display. Likewise, the Light and Shadow cycle in Hoetger’s intended formation can be seen there. Historical documents highlight the reception of the Plane Tree Grove. The aim of the exhibition is to break down the complex image and text program of the Plane Tree Grove and explain the importance of the ensemble for expressionist sculpture. Neither in Hesse nor elsewhere in Germany is there a similar expressionist total artwork in the public space. Since the exhibition takes place in the course of a large-scale restoration of the Plane Tree Grove, the ensemble can display its special effect in new splendour and support the application of Mathildenhöhe as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
AuthorCurator: Dr. Philipp Gutbrod
Type of eventExhibition