Pågående og kommende jugendstilutstillinger, besøk og mer …


ID VenueArt Nouveau Center in Riga - Rigas Jugendstila Centrs
Start Date7. juni 2013
End Date15. september 2013
NameAdventures in Riga
DescriptionOn 3 April 2013 was celebrated the 150th anniversary of the birth of Henry Clemens Van de Velde. In 1910, at the age of 47, he was invited to enter an architectural competition for the creation of a St. Peter’s Church parsonage and inclusive housing in Riga. At that time Van de Velde, who was then working at the school in Weimar that later became the renowned Bauhaus School of Architecture, was experiencing a swing in his approach of architecture. The Riga project would have remained a minor occurrence, if it had not popped up twice in the myth surrounding Van de Velde. It is these two instances that have inspired this exhibition. The first time the Riga project appears is in a most famous photo showing the master at work in his Weimar studio while he is designing the plans of the parsonage. The second reference can be found in his Geschichte meines Lebens where he describes his trips to Riga as a typical example of an experience of cultural confrontation which has not yet lost its topical interest. The photos by Alnis Stakle on view in this exhibition try to illustrate this controversial story of ‘honest’ beauty which Van de Velde appealed to. The building was built in 1912 on Valnu street 22 in Riga, but was destroyed during Second World War. At the occasion of this exhibition the model of the building was created. In cooperation with the H.M. Mr Frank Arnauts - Ambassador of the Kingdom of Belgium in Latvia, Mr. Koen Haverbeke, Representative of the Flemish Government, and University of Gente, VG Kvadra Pak,Jaga, Deltalight, Vandersanden group,Flanders Road Service, Institute of Goethe in Latvia, The State Culture Capital Foundation, The National Library of Latvia, The Library of the University of Latvia, the exhibition is created by Sampling, curator Manten Devriendt, photographer Alnis Stakle, work group: Liene Jākobsone, Kārlis Narkēvičs, Jonas Apers, Prof. dr. Maarten Van Den Driessche, Prof. dr. Dirk De Meyer, Riga Art Nouveau Centre.
AuthorCurator: Manten Devriendt
Type of eventExhibition