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ID VenueArchives d'Architecture moderne
Start Datedilluns, 1 / gener / 2001
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NameOld England and the Musical instruments museum, Brussels
DescriptionAt the heart of Brussels, the former Old England department store is one of the city's most famous art nouveau buildings. Designed in 1898 by the architect Paul Saintenoy, it was the opportunity for a remarkable enterprise: that of creating in one of the capital's most fashionable quarters and no doubt for the first time in Belgium a large commercial edifice entirely in metal. In a perhaps deliberate word-play, Old England gave itself an uncompromisingly modern image with an original cast iron and steel structure, an innovative style, a boldness of colour which contrasted sharply with its environment, and modernity in the techniques and materials used, including vitrified clay for the facade, a lift to the panoramic views of the roof terrace and electric lighting. It remains one of the last remaining examples of the metal department stores which saw rapid and short-lived success around 1900 before being swept aside by the advance of reinforced concrete. Following long and complex restoration works, the building today houses the prestigious Musical Instruments Museum with more than 7,000 items from all ages and cultures. The richly illustrated book retraces the history of the prestigious site of the place Royale and Mont des Arts in Brussels, the founding of the Old England stores and the construction of the art nouveau building. It also tells the story of the complex restoration of the buildings and the installation of the Musical Instruments Museum in 2000. 64 pages, 76 black&white and colors illustrations size: 19 x 21 cm ISBN: 2-87143-119-1 prijs: 10
AuthorEric Hennaut, Liliane Liesesns, Anne-Marie Pirlot
PublisherArchives d'Architecture Moderne
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