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ID VenueNational Museum - Stockholm
Start Datedijous, 19 / abril / 2012
End Datediumenge, 3 / febrer / 2013
NameModern Life – France in the 19th Century
DescriptionModern Life features French 19th century art from Nationalmuseum’s collections. The exhibition charts the modern way of living that emerged during that period and how it influenced art. See works by Claude Monet, Emile Gallé, Berthe Morisot and others. Modern Life is part of a project where we try out new ways of presenting the collections. Nationalmuseum’s collection of 19th-century French art is broad in scope. It contains works ranging from the classically inspired art of the Napoleonic era, via the new plein air painting, to the curvy art nouveau style in applied art and the Impressionist preoccupation with light and colour. Thanks to its variability the collection can be used to illustrate the development of society and the emergence of modern life in the 1800s. TURBULENT TIMES The years between the French Revolution in 1789 and the start of the First World War in 1914 were an eventful and turbulent period. Industrialization accelerated, many people moved from rural communities into the cities, citizens revolted, and democracy evolved. With these changes came new ways of looking at people and society, at the natural world and the city. All of this had an impact on art, which in turn had an impact on people and society. STORIES TOLD The artworks featured in the exhibition present a comprehensive survey of this tumultuous time. Subject matter touching on various contemporary issues and historical events provides a wider and deeper perspective. Painting, drawing, photography, sculpture and applied art appear side by side. Visitors can see works by artists such as Claude Monet, Emile Gallé, Edouard Manet, Berthe Morisot, August Rodin and Gustave Courbet. FRENCH INFLUENCE In the latter part of the 19th century, many Swedish artists lived and worked in France. The exhibition therefore also features a number of works produced by Swedish artists in locations such as Gréz-sur-Loing, Paris and the Normandy coast.
Type of eventExhibition

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