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ID VenueSlovenska matica
Start Date18. april 2012
End Date
NameSlovenska secesija - (Slovenian Secession)
DescriptionDiscuss Slovenian Secession is the first comprehensive and integrated picture of the art of the Slovenian. Author sheds light on specific creative designs that connect art and literary creativity since the turn of the century until the First World War, and the inventive display makers clearly confirms that the arts could not divide, but through their interrelations reveals a single, albeit highly expressive structured spiritual atmosphere . The essential novelty of the text lies in the subtle disclosure of the spiritual atmosphere which is largely characterized by flashes of secession. Creative expansion of this groundbreaking service is the author perceives as so important that it even compares with creative enthusiasm at the birth of the European Renaissance, this is Art Nouveau attributed much bigger and wider importance, as we recognize it yet.
AuthorRobert Simonišek
Type of eventPublication


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