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ID VenueIn front of the entry of Metropole Hotel
Start Date5. oktober 2013
End Date5. oktober 2013
NameBrussels 1900 - Art nouveau - ARAU
Description"Over the last 30 years, this coach tour has proved the most popular and well-known of ARAU’s tours. The tour helps participants to understand the place of Art nouveau in Brussels, its origins, its technical and stylistic characteristics, and the personalities of its most well-known architects. The tour travels through several districts of the city to show participants beautiful Art nouveau facades, some of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The tour also offers the chance to visit extraordinary Art nouveau interiors, including some not normally open to the public. Each tour includes at least two interiors from the following list, subject to availability: Victor Horta’s Van Eetvelde house, Jules Brunfaut’s Hannon house, Henri Jacobs’ Schaerbeek School No.1, Victor Horta’s Waucquez store (now the Belgian Strip Cartoon Centre), Paul Hamesse’s Cohn-Donnay house (now De Ultieme Hallucinatie bar-restaurant). " EN - lenght: 3 hours, bus - 17 euros
Hour9.45 a.m.
Type of eventVisit


With the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union