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ID VenueA l'angle de la chaussée de Haecht et de l'avenue Louis Bertrand
Start Date1. januar 2050
End Date1. januar 2999
NameRigas Jugendstils Interjers - Art Nouveau in Riga Interior
DescriptionThis book was created to resemble a walk through an Art Nouveau apartment where one can view carious interior styles and new technological innovations, as well as get a feeling of the typical changes affecting city life in the early 20th c. While reading, one can view the apartement as a work of art where every nuance reflects the era - furniture, dishes, and, of course, the many different colours reflected in the decorative pieces. The many illustrations conjure up a certain atmosphere that ruled the city's daily life, the changing teimes, and were reflected in the apartments of the residents of Riga. Bilingual edition Latvian-English. 2010. ISBN 978-9984-38-757-4.
AuthorVita Banga
Type of eventPublication


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