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ID VenueArchivio Di Stato Rimini
Start Date31. avgust 2013
End Date14. oktober 2013
NameFuturvucetich. Mirko Vucetich: Dal Futurismo al Novecento
DescriptionThe exibition FUTURVUCETICH is dedicated to the artist Mario Mirko Vucetich (Bologna 1898 – Vicenza 1975): one of the most versatile figures of 900. The exhibition organized by Archivio di Stato in Rimini is curated by Andrea Speziali, art historian, an expert on the artist and the Art Nouveau movement. It will be held in Rimini in the halls of the State, from June 28 to September 28 for the centennial anniversary of the Experimental Theatre of Independents in Rome founded by Anton Giulio Bragaglia along with Vucetich. The exhibition is part of the project'' Italian'' Liberty designed by the same curator. The intention of the State to organize this initiative which will see a program of other exposures, aims to promote the documents preserved in the Archives. Among the documents there is also a design by the architect Alessandro Vucetich, brother Mirko with the Lightning in Riccione villa designed in 1922 along with Tito and Achille Franceschi with whom he had a studio in Vittorio Veneto. Achilles later, in 1929 he opened The Shed in Forte dei Marmi. The studies and research conducted in recent years about the artist Mirko Vucetich (Bologna 1898 - Vicenza 1975) through its villas in Riccione, Bologna and America, collected in volumes of Andrea Speziali,, ''A Season of Liberty in Riccione'' (Maggioli 2010), and ''Romagna Liberty’’ (Maggioli 2012), involved the audience so much that in order to know the artist Vucetich the general public in addition to his most famous work: Chess Game in Marostica we realized a significant exhibition of this multifaceted character among the many activities director, actor, musician, designer, sculptor, decorator, architect, poet and illustrator. The exhibition is the right place in the charming frame of the State where we have compiled some projects such as the project architect Vucetich and photos of the cottage or villa Lightning Antolini in Riccione. There is organized an exhibition consisting of works of art including sculptures, paintings, drawings and photographic images. (info: www.italialiberty.it/mirkovucetich) The exhibition aims to promote the futurist period Mirko Vucetich through a series of ink and pastels accompanied by the Futurist Manifesto of the Futurist Movement Giuliano who founded together with Sophronius Pocarini in 1919.
AuthorAndrea Speziali
Type of eventExhibition


With the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union