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ID VenueA l'angle de la chaussée de Haecht et de l'avenue Louis Bertrand
Start Date1. september 2050
End Date1. januar 2999
NameRene Binet: From Nature to Form
DescriptionThis book reproduces the plates of Rene Binet's 1902 "Esquisses decoratives" for the first time since its original publication. Two illustrated introductory essays by Dr Robert Proctor (Mackintosh School of Architecture, Glasgow School of Art) and Professor Olaf Breidbach (Haeckel Haus Museum, University of Jena) discuss Binet's interest in the biology, art and philosophy of Ernst Haeckel, and situate his work alongside French architecture and decorative arts at the turn of the century. It presents new research on this exceptional but little-known architect in an accessible way, and is beautifully illustrated throughout. The book is also available in German with the title "Rene Binet: Natur und Kunst".
AuthorRobert Proctor and Olaf Breidbach
Type of eventPublication


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