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ID VenueGrassi Museum für Angewandte Kunst
Start Date17. april 2014
End Date14. september 2014
NameSIT - LIE - ROCK. Furniture from Thonet
DescriptionThonet has written 1819 furniture history since its establishment in year. Developed by the founder Michael Thonet bentwood method of processing developed even in the same century a worldwide success. In the 1930s of the last century, the product range was expanded tubular steel furniture, one of which also received an impressive number of design history. Influenced by a number of mergers, different corporate offices and production sites, the company experienced over five generations a checkered history.   The exhibition focuses on the production of furniture, especially the chairs Thonet in Frankenberg / Eder after the Second World War until today. Individual examples of the early industrialization and the Bauhaus period are available for the innovation of Thonet and be preceded by a defining constants of the company philosophy. Starting from some still produced to this day classics made ​​of bentwood and tubular steel stand above all the new developments of the past 60 years at the center .
Type of eventExhibition


With the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union