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ID VenueSagrada Familia - Clauster de Montserrat
Start Date13. marec 2013
End Date30. april 2013
NameVideo The Sagrada Família, as you’ve never seen it
DescriptionA spectacular video of the Sagrada Família has just been published on the Internet, showing previously unseen images of this basilica designed by Antoni Gaudí. The video was recorded with the aid of a new model of drone or microcopter – a tiny, unmanned helicopter with eight rotor blades – to which a camera was fitted to film the church from unprecedented viewpoints. Using a system of three axes to control movement, the camera can also record images using the time-lapse technique, showing in mere seconds how light in the temple changes throughout the day. The images in this video were taken in April 2012 by Albert Castaño and Luis Caldevilla.
AuthorAlbert Castaño and Luis Caldevilla
Type of eventExhibition


With the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union