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Museu - arxiu Tomàs Balvey - SPAIN
MATBC, C. Dr Daurella 1, 08440 Cardedeu- SPAIN, tel +34- 938 713 070, fax +34- 938 711 477,
Servei de Patrimoni Arquitectònic Local  - SPAIN
For nearly 90 years, the Service has put together a considerable collection of documents (illustrations, photographs and written material) which can be consulted by people working in the field, researchers, specialists or people interested in issues related to heritage or restoration. The collection consists of:
The archive of materials from the lnstitute of Catalan Studies and other private archives acquired by or bequeathed to the Service.
The archive of materials produced by the Service itself since 1915.
The Jeroni Martorell bequest, which contains documentation on his work outside the Service (private work or as an area architect for the Ministry for Public lnstruction and Fine Arts.
The Service also has a library that specialises in materials related to its area of activity.
Servei de Patrimoni Arquitectònic Local, C/ Comte d'Urgell, 187, pl. Baixa, Edifici del Rellotge, 08036 Barcelona- SPAIN, tel +34- 934 022 171, fax +34- 934 022 490

Kunsthaus Zurich  - SWITZERLAND
The library of the Zurich Art House is especially dedicated to Modern Art. There you can find literature about graphical arts from 19th to 21st century. The library archive counts more than 233,000 books and 300 periodicals.
The entrance of the library is free of charge. Most of the books and periodicals can be borrowed.
Kunsthaus Zürich, Bibliothek, Rämistrasse 45 CH-8001 Zürich, tel. : +41 (0)44 253 85 31, fax: +41 (0)44 253 86 51,
Library of La Chaux-de-Fonds - SWITZERLAND
Especially dedicated to Charles-Edouard Jeanneret and his works as a young architect before moving in Paris (1917). A number of archive documents are available for the public and researchers.
33, rue du progrčs, CH-2303 La Chaux-de-Fonds, tel. 032/967.68.31, fax. 032/722.07.88,
Schweizerisches Institut für Kunstwissenschaft, Zürich  - SWITZERLAND
The scientifical library specialized in Swiss art is open to the public. It contains 107.000 books - and foreign litteratures, collections and work catalogues as well as international publications on art theory and technology. About 300 periodicals as well as auction houses catalogues complete the collection.
Zollikerstrasse 32; CH–8032 Zürich (Briefe); CH–8008 Zürich (Pakete); telefon: +41 44 388 51 60;
Arkitekturmuseet - SWEDEN
The library opened in 1998 as the first architectural library in Sweden with an ambition to serve both researchers and non-professionals. The collection contains more than 24 000 books and magazines published in the 20th century to the present. Emphasis is on Swedish architecture with Nordic and international references, mostly in English.
Skeppsholmen SE-111 49 Stockholm. Tel. +46 8 587 270 00 ; +46 8 587 270 02. Fax +46 8 587 270 70,
Thomas J. Watson Library - Metropolitan Museum of Art - UNITED STATES
The Thomas J. Watson Library, the central library of The Metropolitan Museum of Art, acquires, provides access to, and preserves research materials concerning the history of art and related disciplines. The primary mission of the library is to support the research activities of the Museum staff; in addition, it serves an international community of researchers. Watson Library’s collection of books and periodicals relating to the history of art is one of the most comprehensive in the world. An online research database is also available. First floor of the Metropolitan Museum, 1000 Fifth Avenue at 82nd Street, New York, New York 10028-0198, Tel: Reference Desk: 212-650-2225, Circulation Desk: 212-650-2175, Fax: 212-570-3847
Het Centrum Vlaamse Architectuurarchieven - CVAa - BELGIUM
The CVAa is a cultural archival centre of expertise that has been responsible for coordinating the archiving of private documents on the architectural heritage in Flanders since 2003. The centre is a constitutional part of the Flemish Architecture Institute.
The CVAa hosts the ODIS project the Research Interface Centre and Database for the Study of 19th and 20th Century Intermediary Structures in Flanders (Onderzoekssteunpunt en databank intermediaire structuren in Vlaanderen, 19e-20e eeuw), which fosters interest in interdisciplinary and comparative research on civil society. It aims to promote mutual dialogue between historians, social scientists, archivists, librarians and documentation specialists.
Centre for Flemish Architectural Archives: Jan Van Rijswijcklaan 155, 2018 Antwerpen, België T +32 (0)3 242 89 70 - F +32 (0)3 242 89 79


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