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Temporary opening of the Autrique House in Brussels – from 16 February to 31 December 2015

Due to restoration works on the façades and a updating of the scenography, the opening to the public will be reduced from Monday 16 February 2015 and until the end of the year. Meanwhile only temporary events and visits by appointment, function of the restoration works’ schedule, will be possible.

For ten years, the Autrique House is opened to the public thanks to the joint determination of several friends and the intervention of the Schaerbeek Municipality which was the purchaser of the property. François Schuiten and Benoît Peeters are initiators of the rehabilitation project of this youth work of the famous Victor Horta. They made it a “house of houses”, a poetic home suspended in time.

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Picture: Victor Horta, Staircase, Autrique House, Brussels, 1893 (c) Maison Autrique

Ljubljana celebrates Fabiani Year - 2015

2015 marks the 150th birth anniversary of the architect Maks Fabiani, whose rich legacy makes him one of the most important Central European architects of the turn of the 20th century.

Maks Fabiani, a collaborator of the Viennese architect Otto Wagner, was one of the originators and, in the period 1903–1904, active members of the Austrian Art Nouveau movement, referred to as the Viennese Secession. Due to his active role in the circle of Viennese artists and the famous Art Nouveau buildings he designed in Vienna, Ljubljana, Gorizia, and Trieste in the period between 1899 and 1909, Fabiani contributed to the establishment of the principles of modern architecture. Among other things, he created a new urban development plan for Ljubljana after the devastating earthquake of 1895.

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Picture: Dr Maximilian Fabiani in 1902

World photographic contest Italian Liberty – from 2 March to 31 October 2015

This competition, which participation is free, arises in order to pay homage to the amazing heritage of the Italian Art Nouveau; for instance: houses, palaces, monuments, sculptures and applied arts. The Italian Liberty photographic contest represents a great opportunity to create passion about Beauty and Values promoted by the Liberty association.

In order to participate to the contest take pictures (for a maximum of 30 photos) of some Art Nouveau art pieces or make a video of these (only one video) and send it to Italian Liberty!

Directed by Andrea Speziali and organized by the Aitm Art Organization.

Full presentation of the contest in English and Italian

Poster of the event

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Picture: Poster of the World photographic contest "Italia Liberty"

Exhibition Plans, Traps and Alternatives at MAO in Ljubljana – from 14 May to 18 October 2015

120 Years of Modern Urbanism in Ljubljana

The New Millennia exhibition, set up in celebration of the 150th birth anniversary of the Slovenian architect Maks Fabiani (1865–1962), is where the famous architect's thoughts on the future meet the work of modern-day urban planners and architects.

Maks Fabiani was one of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy's most important urban planners in and one of the most influential architects at the turn of the 20th century.

Fabiani was the author of an essay titled Acma, l'anima del mondo, which offers an analysis of the development of modern man and society. The essay ends with a chapter titled New Millennia, which discusses the future.

The New Millennia exhibition presents modern urban plans, concepts, programmes, and interventions created by generations of urban planners and architects following in Fabiani's wake. Their comparison with the thoughts expressed in Fabiani's essay reveal Fabiani as a true visionary.

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Picture: Fabiani's Urania building, Vienna, 1910

Exhibition Portrait of Barcelona evolution of a city au MMCAT in Barcelone – from 16 March to 15 October 2015

Portrait of Barcelona evolution of a city is a temporary exhibition of photographic collection of the Museum first exhibited to the public along with a short documentary about the social and cultural life of Barcelona last century. Through images and artifacts, visitors can discover and enjoy not only the oldest photographic processes but also unique aspects that the picture gives: the urban city, fashion and the Catalan bourgeoisie, new forms of leisure and technologies that appear at the turn of the century.

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Picture: Exhibition "Portrait of Barcelona evolution of a city" © MMCAT


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