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Exhibition Two Female photographers in Ålesund around 1900 at Jugendstilsenteret in Ålesund – from 06 June 2013 to 06 June 2014

The master Margrethe Svendsen and her assistant Petrine Wiik

Welcome to the vernissage on June 6th 2013 at six o´clock at the ten years day since the opening of the center! The photographers presented in this exhibit are Margrethe Svendsen and her assistant Petrine Wiik. The works shows a variety of motifs of the townscape in Ålesund from the time before and after the great fire in 1904, in addition to motifs from the rebuilding period, where we can see new buildings in the style of Art Nouveau being built alongside with temporary housing and barracks.

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Presentation of the event

Photo: Poster of the exhibition Two Female photographers in Alesund around 1900. Source: Jugendstilsenteret

Event Budapest100 in Budapest – from 26 to 27 April 2014

Budapest100 is a unique organic program mobilizing the entire city which was initiated by OSA Archivum and KÉK in 2011. Its ultimate goal is to start a tradition and to draw our attention to the buildings surrounding us and the human values that are around us every day.

All buildings the construction of which is connected to 1914 in any way had the possibility to join the event; mostly will be then Art Nouveau buildings.

More information and programme of the event

Photo: Logo of the Budapest100 event

Application of the RANN to become a Cultural Route of the Council of Europe – on 11 April 2014

The Cultural Route of the Council of Europe (CRCE) is a label attributed by the Council of Europe to routes or cultural ensembles recognized as important in the heritage field and the cultural integration within Europe.

Gathered around a quintessentially European artistic movement with an undeniable heritage value, the Réseau Art Nouveau Network members presented their application to the Council of Europe, in order to become a real recognized Route, with the aim of enhancing the Art Nouveau heritage.

The last phase of the application process will take place next 11 April, let us keep our fingers crossed so that the Réseau Art Nouveau Network becomes a recognized Cultural Route!

More information about the Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe and the European Institute of the Cultural Routes

Photo: Logo of the European Institute of the Cultural Routes

Release of the publication Brussels. The History in stories in Brussels

Entitled Brussels. The History in stories, the book is aimed at a public of more than 10 years. Abundantly illustrated and presented in an ultra practical format, the publication is, among others, livened up with a timeline which will find its place without any doubt, in numerous classrooms and children rooms.

The History of Brussels is detailed in 44 chapters, like so many essential stopovers following first an historical line with corporations, surrounding walls, the town hall, the capital of Europe, then per themes among which, the Art Nouveau movement.

Published by the Brussels-Capitale Region, in collaboration with the Association for the Study of Building.

More information

Photo: Cover of the publication Brussels. The History in stories, source:

Event Welcome Brussels in Brussels – from 29 to 30 March 2014

Welcome Brussels, what’s it about?

It’s many quarters in Brussels celebrating! Residents, residents’ associations and several other associations have scheduled different festivities.

They’ll be happy to welcome you during the weekend of March 29th and 30th 2014. From the starting point in the quarter of your choice onwards you’ll discover one surprise after another.

Art Nouveau discoveries as the Maison Autrique or the visit of private houses are waiting for you!

All activities are free of charge and are open from 10 am to 6 pm on both Saturday and Sunday.
More information

Photo: Welcome Brussels, source:

The Gustav Klimt Memorial Society in Vienna laureate of the 2014 Europa Nostra Awards!

The Gustav Klimt Memorial Society (Vienna, Austria) won the EU prize for Cultural heritage / Europa Nostra Awards 2014, in the category 3 devoted to “dedicated service”.

“It was the Gustav Klimt Memorial Society’s unshakeable determination in the pursuit of its goal which most impressed the Jury.”

Find more information about the Gustav Klimt Memorial Society’s actions and the 2014 awards

Photo: Klimt Villa, source:

The Horta Museum in Brussels laureate of the 2014 Europa Nostra Awards!

The Horta Museum (Brussels, Belgium) won the EU prize for Cultural heritage / Europa Nostra Awards 2014, in the category 1 devoted to “conservation”.

“What particularly impressed the Jury about the Horta Museum conservation project was its precision and patient attention to detail. (…) Also exemplary was the perfect synergy which developed between the museum curator and the conservation architect: they succeeded in making themselves unobtrusive enough to allow Victor Horta, so to speak, to undertake the restoration of his own home.”

Find more information about the Horta Museum restoration and the 2014 awards

Photo: Horta Museum, source:

4th Multilateral Exchange of the RANN at Jugendstilsenteret in Alesund – on 21 March 2014

“The preservation of Art Nouveau in a changing environment”

Nature has been a great source of inspiration in the development of Art Nouveau. The style itself constitutes a substantial part of our heritage and cultural environment. In many European cities, the Art Nouveau buildings are perceived as a symbol of modernity, national or regional identity, as well as a great opportunity for tourism and business.

After decades of struggling for preservation and conservation, the owners or managers of such buildings now have to face new environmental challenges : climate changes represent a threat for safeguarding heritage buildings and materials (problems of insulation, humidity, modification of woodworks, rise of sea level, rise in temperature, etc.) ; the migration of populations to cities also leads to radical alterations of urban landscapes (division of heritage buildings, high constructions, estate pressure in the suburbs areas, modification of the size of gardens of the Art Nouveau buildings) and the resulting urban pollution is harmful for preserving this type of buildings and their environment.

How to face these phenomena? In this context, what are the means used and solutions found locally to preserve Art Nouveau buildings?

Free participation, compulsory registration

More information

Provisional programme of the event

Photo: The City of Art Nouveau, seen from Aksla, the city mountain. Author: David Aasen Sandved (copyright Jugendstilsenteret)

Call for papers Historical Lab 5 “Consistency of inner and outer spaces in European Art Nouveau architecture” in Rīga – 5 September 2014

In the framework of the project Art Nouveau & Ecology supported by the programme Culture 2007-2013 of the European Commission, the Réseau Art Nouveau Network, as a network of cities aiming to preserve, study and promote Art Nouveau at a European scale, organises a one-day symposium on 5 September 2014 on “Consistency of inner and outer spaces in European Art Nouveau architecture” in Rīga.

The deadline for the call for papers is set on 10 March 2014 and the papers should be sent to the coordination office of the Network by email at

Call for papers

Photo: Rīga, (c) RANN

Art Nouveau Brussels and Nancy, sceneries of the movie “The strange colour of your body's tears” – on 12 March 2014

The movie “The strange colour of your body's tears”, realized by Bruno Forzani & Hélène Cattet, was partly filmed at the Cauchie House and in other prestigious places of Art Nouveau style in Brussels, as well as at the Majorelle Villa in Nancy.

It comes out this Wednesday 12 March 2014 in the French and Belgian cinemas.

Photo: Poster of the movie “The strange colour of the tears of your body”

A "special mention of the jury" of the 2013 Europa Nostra Awards for the Réseau Art Nouveau Network!

The Réseau Art Nouveau Network received a special mention from the jury in the framework of the Europa Nostra Awards 2013/European prize for Cultural Heritage, of which the ceremony took place in Athens on 16 June 2013.

Candidate in the category 4 “Education Training and Awareness-Raising”, the Réseau Art Nouveau Network is part of “projects with an outstanding contribution to the conservation and enhancement of heritage which were recognised and particularly appreciated by the Juries”.

A great recognition of the common work achieved since 1999 by the members of the Network!

More information

Photo: Logo of Europa Nostra, source:

Release of the 22th issue of the coupDefouet magazine from Barcelona

CoupDefouet is published by the Urban Landscape Institute of the Barcelona City Council, which has the common commitment to find useful and efficient mechanisms for the protection and promotion of Europe's Art Nouveau heritage.

This new release is especially interesting as it highlights the travelling exhibition “The Nature of Art Nouveau” organised by the RANN, which is actually simultaneously presented in Nancy (until 13. April 2014) and Helsinki (until 16 February 2014), with an article of the curator of the exhibition, Teresa M. Sala.

More information

Photo: Cover of the 22th issue of the coupDefouet magazine

Seminar Art nouveau revisited: trends and peculiarities at KIK-IRPA in Brussels – from 13 to 14 February 2014

As part of the European Partage Plus project, on the 13th and 14th February 2014 KIK-IRPA will hold a symposium dedicated to the study of art nouveau. It will be the 15th art history seminar, an initiative of the Documentation department of KIK-IRPA: Art nouveau revisited: trends and peculiarities

Emphasis will be laid on the different coexisting trends and peculiarities of art nouveau, both in Belgium and abroad. Freed from the yoke of historicism, artists and craftsmen drew their inspiration from highly diverse sources, revisiting local cultures and celebrating secular artisanal techniques (wrought iron, hammering, sgraffito, ceramics, stained glass…) and regional materials. The invention of this unique decorative vocabulary was enriched by the assimilation of organic forms inspired by nature, archetypes of industrial civilization as well as japonism.

The symposium will be a unique opportunity to present the variety of examples from our cultural heritage as well as to exchange point of views on the matter.

Programme of the event

More information and registration

Photo: Personal House of Edouard Frankinet, avenue des Rogations 21 1200 Woluwe-Saint-Lambert. Source:

Exhibition Kokoschka – The self in focus at the Leopold Museum in Vienna – from 4 October 2013 to 3 March 2014

An exhibition in cooperation with the Oskar Kokoschka-Zentrum of the University of Applied Arts Vienna

With "Kokoschka.The Self in Focus", the Leopold Museum dedicates to one of the most significant 20th-century Austrian artists an exhibition that will for the first time give a prominent place to photographs from Kokoschka’s life. Oskar Kokoschka (1886–1980) is doubtless one of the most important protagonists of modernism. His oeuvre as a painter and graphic artist, as well as dramatist, essayist and stage designer, is enormous and has an established place in the histories of both art and literature.

More information

Photo: Earl Seubert (Schubert), Oskar Kokoschka rauchend als Gastdozent an der Minneapolis School of Arts, USA 1957 © Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien, Oskar Kokoschka-Zentrum

Lecture "One hour with" Takashima at the Bibliothèque Stanislas in Nancy – on 8 February 2014

The Bibliothèque Stanislas de Nancy (Stanislas library of Nancy) offers to spend "one jour with" Takashima, next Saturday 8 February, in order to discover the Japanese collection. Mireille François will present a selection of books among all books offered to René Wiener by Takashima.
We imagine the curiosity and the interest aroused by the stay of the engineer – and painter – Takashima in Nancy between 1885 and 1888. But once the exotic story overstepped, his presence in Nancy was at the root of decisive exchanges with the intellectual and artistic world in Nancy.

More information

Photo: Nouveaux dessins artistiques. Dessins pour les jours de printemps. Bibliothèque Stanislas

With the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union

Responsible publisher: Arlette Verkruyssen, General Director,
Brussels Regional Public Service - Bruxelles Développement urbain (Brussels Urban Development),
CCN - Rue du Progrès 80, B. 1, 1035 Brussels - Belgium


With the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union