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Exhibition Horta's Imaginary Journey to Havana at Vitrina de Valonia in Havana - from 15 June 2018

On the occasion of the World Day of Art Nouveau, celebrated every 10th of June, and Horta Inside Out organized by the Brussels-Capital Region.

Composed of drawings by teenagers from the workshop of Barcelona-La Habana Space, who were inspired by details of the work of the Belgian architect Victor Horta, the exhibition also presents some photographs by Belgian photographer Paul Louis on the house and studio of Victor Horta, one of the precursors of Art Nouveau.

In addition, for this occasion, the space Barcelona-Havana presents its travelling exhibition "A style which unites us", in which two handmade expressions are related: the bobbin lace and the forge in the Catalan modernist style, as a variant of Art Nouveau. Both techniques produce lace-like designs in their compositions, which can be seen on balconies located mainly in Havana. The work was done by weavers from the Bolillos lace workshop of the Barcelona - Havana space.

A mirror exhibition, entitled "Horta's Imaginary Journey to Havana" will be presented this summer at the Horta Museum in Brussels, which will show the outcomes of workshops for children in the classroom-Museum of Wallonia organized by the specialists of the Horta Museum in November 2016.

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Picture: Horta Museum © Horta Museum, photographer: Paul Louis

Exhibition The Ecole de Nancy. Art Nouveau and Art Industry at the Museum of Fine Arts in Nancy – from 19 May to 3 September 2018

Transforming the living environment, improving it by taking inspiration from forms drawn from nature, was the main ambition of the École de Nancy. By choosing the name of Provincial Alliance of Art Industries, the many industrialists, artists and architects who participated in the association affirmed their role as disseminators of a new aesthetic inseparable from a new way of life. This formula was later invented to summarize their vocation: art for all, and art in everything!

The exhibition designed by the Ecole de Nancy Museum illustrates the innovative nature of this living environment, where the most modern technical processes of the time were implemented to produce furniture and objects both functional, with an unprecedented aesthetic, and within reach of all budgets.

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Picture: Atelier Vallin, Draft of the dining room Bachelard-Masson, 1904. Musée de l’Ecole de Nancy, inv. BIV 78 © Michel Bourguet

Exhibition Belle Epoque Posters at the Brussels City Museum – from 9 May to 3 September 2018

A unique collection

With their advertising messages, these posters heralded the consumer society. They extolled the joys of a multitude of products, from telephones and bicycles to circuses and theatres. The artists set their sights on the image of the middle-class, liberated woman of the time, the spearhead of this desire for luxury and modernity. Their huge public popularity created a phenomenon called "affichomanie" or "poster frenzy", with fans amassing huge collections.

The exhibition presents the collection of Ernest de Try, which was bequeathed to the City of Brussels in 1934. This collection, shown to the public for the every first time, is characterised by its exceptional attention to everyday life in Brussels. It is the perfect summer discovery !

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Picture: Poster "L'Abeille d'Or" © Archives de la Ville de Bruxelles

Exhibition Stairway to Klimt at the Museum of Art history in Vienna from 13 February 2018 to 2 September 2018

Eye to Eye with Klimt

To mark the centenary of the death of Gustav Klimt (1862-1918) we invite museum visitors to take a closer look at his unique paintings displayed twelve metres above ground where they form an integral part of the sumptuous décor of the Main Staircase. As in 2012, we will again erect a huge bridge weighing four tons across the Main Staircase to allow visitors to access this magnificent pictorial cycle. The paintings, commissioned by Emperor Franz Joseph and executed by Gustav Klimt, his brother Ernst and their friend, Franz Matsch, depict important periods of art history.

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Picture: Old Italian Art, detail, 1891 © Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien

Exhibition Beyond Klimt at the Lower Belvedere in Vienna – from 23rd March to 26 August 2018

New horizons in Central Europe

Gustav Klimt is probably the artist most associated with Austrian art. His death in 1918 – the same year as the deaths of Egon Schiele, Koloman Moser, and Otto Wagner – is seen as the end of an era. However, their influence on the art world had waned even before this. Only peripherally affected by the political turmoil, a vibrant art scene developed in the countries of the Austro-Hungarian Empire with artists striving for change.

The exhibition at the Lower Belvedere will guide you through this post-Klimt era!

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Picture: Oskar Kokoschka, Romana Kokoschka the artist's mother, 1917 © Belvedere Vienna

With the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union

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