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Exhibition Adventures in Riga at the Art Nouveau Center in Riga – from 7 June to 14 September 2013

On 3 April 2013 was celebrated the 150th anniversary of the birth of Henry Clemens Van de Velde. In 1910, at the age of 47, he was invited to enter an architectural competition for the creation of a St. Peter’s Church parsonage and inclusive housing in Riga. At that time Van de Velde, who was then working at the school in Weimar that later became the renowned Bauhaus School of Architecture, was experiencing a swing in his approach of architecture. The Riga project would have remained a minor occurrence, if it had not popped up twice in the myth surrounding Van de Velde. It is these two instances that have inspired this exhibition.

The first time the Riga project appears is in a most famous photo showing the master at work in his Weimar studio while he is designing the plans of the parsonage.
The second reference can be found in his Geschichte meines Lebens where he describes his trips to Riga as a typical example of an experience of cultural confrontation which has not yet lost its topical interest.
The photos by Alnis Stakle on view in this exhibition try to illustrate this controversial story of ‘honest’ beauty which Van de Velde appealed to.
The building was built in 1912 on Valnu street 22 in Riga, but was destroyed during Second World War.
At the occasion of this exhibition the model of the building was created.

In cooperation with the H.M. Mr Frank Arnauts - Ambassador of the Kingdom of Belgium in Latvia, Mr. Koen Haverbeke, Representative of the Flemish Government, and University of Gente, VG Kvadra Pak,Jaga, Deltalight, Vandersanden group,Flanders Road Service, Institute of Goethe in Latvia, The State Culture Capital Foundation, The National Library of Latvia, The Library of the University of Latvia.
The exhibition is created by Sampling, curator Manten Devriendt, photographer Alnis Stakle, work group: Liene Jākobsone, Kārlis Narkēvičs, Jonas Apers, Prof. dr. Maarten Van Den Driessche, Prof. dr. Dirk De Meyer, Riga Art Nouveau Centre.

More information
Poster of the event
Presentation of the event in Latvian

Photo: Detail of the poster of the exhibition "Adventures in Riga", source: Art Nouveau Center in Riga

Celebrate Art Nouveau World day on 8 June 2013!

The Art Nouveau World Day, organized by the Budapest Museum of Applied Arts in cooperation with the Szecessziós Magazin (Art Nouveau Magazine), will be celebrated with an opening ceremony, stylistic exhibitions, lectures, free entrances in Museums and guided street tours in some of our member cities.

More information

Photo: Logo of the Art Nouveau Center in Aveiro

Exhibition Bernhard Hoetger - The Place Tree Grove at Mathildenhöhe in Darmstadt – from 26 May to 25 August 2013

A Total Artwork on the Mathildenhöhe Darmstadt
Artists' Colony Museum and open-air exhibition ground of the Mathildenhöhe

There is no other place where Hoetger’s works from before the First World War can be experienced as fully and impressively as on the Mathildenhöhe Darmstadt. The exhibition "Bernhard Hoetger - The Plane Tree Grove" takes place both in the Artists' Colony Museum and in the Plane Tree Grove where visitors can admire the sculpture program using audio guides. In the museum his early works, including important Parisian and protoexpressionistic sculptures, will be on display. Likewise, the Light and Shadow cycle in Hoetger’s intended formation can be seen there. Historical documents highlight the reception of the Plane Tree Grove.
The aim of the exhibition is to break down the complex image and text program of the Plane Tree Grove and explain the importance of the ensemble for expressionist sculpture. Neither in Hesse nor elsewhere in Germany is there a similar expressionist total artwork in the public space.
Since the exhibition takes place in the course of a large-scale restoration of the Plane Tree Grove, the ensemble can display its special effect in new splendour and support the application of Mathildenhöhe as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Press release of the exhibition
More information

Photo: Blick nach Osten auf das Steinrelief Auferstehung, Foto: Nikolaus Heiss

The restauration of the stairwell finally completed at the Jugendstilsenteret in Ålesund

Welcome back to 1907

The museum received 1 million kroners (80.000 Eur) in grants from a private foundation for the restoration of the main staircase at Jugendstilsenteret. The target was to find and replace the original colours with original techniques and materials as far as possible back to 1907. An old fashionable material, coccolite was also discovered. Coccolite is a product of plaster, strengthened with hair from coconuts. It was not a very common material in the beginning of 20 century and was probably imported from Germany. The coccolite was both firesafe and a very strong material used indoors for walls.
The wooden staircase has also been restored and repaired. It has been treated with linen oil, and gaps have been repaired with hand made iron sticks.
The lighting is a copy from about 1907. The last part of the project was to make copies of the tiles in terracotta colour for the hall.
Nowadays the staircase shines like the original in delicate light green colours and imitated oak on the walls.

More information

Photo: Picture of the restored staircase, Alesund. Source: Jugendstilsenteret.

Exhibition Japonism. Fascination for Japanese Art at CaixaForum in Barcelona – from 13 June to 15 September 2013

Japonism is one of the richest artistic expressions of the XIX century and a well-known artistic movement worldwide.
The interest for Japan grew around Europe during the second half of the XIX century thanks to Siegfried Bing’s art gallery and his interest for Art nouveau products that influenced artists of the impressionism, postimpressionism, symbolism and avant-garde movements.
In Spain, and more especially in Catalunya, fascination for Japanese art grew during the decade of the 1870 and had a great influence in Modernisme artists towards the end of the century. Artists such as Marià Fortuny, Pablo Picasso or Joan Miró made a great variety of works on this aesthetic, although still little known.

An inaugural conference will be given by Ricard Bru i Turull, curator of the exhibition on Thursday 13 June 2013 at 7 p.m.

More information

Photo: Mujer entre la lluvia. Kusakabe Kimbei. c. 1870. Source: CaixaForum Barcelona

Exhibition A Shot of Rhythm and Color at MAK in Vienna – from 6 February to 13 October 2013

English Textile design of the late 19th century 

This exhibition presents a representative selection of English fabrics from the MAK Collection of Textiles and Carpets. These textiles were purchased in England for the museum and presented to the Viennese public while they were still new. Hence, Vienna’s artists and tradespeople got to know and took inspiration from these innovative, English-designed products even prior to 1900, as is shown prominently in the new Vienna 1900 exhibit of the MAK Permanent Collection. The best-known English designers of their era, figures including William Morris, Walter Crane and Charles F. A. Voysey, are represented in this showing by fabric and wallpaper designs characterized above all by generously dimensioned repeat patterns as well as patterns derived from plants and flowers.

More information

Photo: Source: www.mak.at

Exhibition Vienna 1900: New Presentation of the MAK Permanent Collection in Vienna – until 23 June 2013

This presentation starts a process of renewal and renovation within the MAK Permanent Collection, with the opening of three newly designed and installed galleries (unchanged since 1993). These spaces are devoted to the development of Viennese arts and crafts between 1890 and 1938 and are intended to position the MAK and its collection as an international center of research for Viennese Modernism. The permanent exhibition display is conceived as a “work in progress.” In its first phase, designed by Viennese architect Michael Embacher, the conceptual framework developed by Christian Witt-Dörring, in collaboration with the MAK collection curators, is embodied by collection objects, which are for the most part relatively unknown to the public. In keeping with MAK’s well-known practice of basing the design of its galleries on an encompassing artistic concept, the Los Angeles based artist Pae White has been commissioned to develop an artistic intervention for the second, concluding phase of the project. It will be opened in May 2013, on the basis of this temporary presentation and object selection.

More information

Photo: Joseph Hoffmann, Teeservice, Wien, 1903. Source: www.mak.at

Conference The city between culture, economy and politics at the City Hall in Subotica - from 24 to 25 May 2013

Two member cities of the Réseau Art Nouveau Network, Barcelona and Ljubljana, will take part to the conference "The city between culture, economy and politics" organized by the City of Subotica from 24 to 25 May 2013.


Photo: Programme of the conference

9th Barcelona Modernista Fair in Barcelona - from 31 May to 2 June 2013

On 31 May, 1 and 2 June 2013, Cor Eixample—Trade and Professional Association for the Right Side of the Eixample—and the Barcelona City Council—are organising the ninth Barcelona Modernista Fair.

As in other years, the fair will be located on carrer Girona—between av. Diagonal and carrer d’Aragó—with leisure and cultural activities for young people, adults and the little ones. Among other activities, visitors can enjoy kids’ games, shows, workshops, a period cars tour, an old train, conferences on Modernisme, a family-orientated bike tour, street entertainment and many other surprises. Other towns and organisations which also share a relationship with Modernisme will be attending, as well as a stand offering information and selling products related to Barcelona’s Ruta del Modernisme.

Furthermore, whoever comes dressed in an Art Nouveau period style will receive a gift photo of themselves and go into the draw for a trip, among other prizes.

More information
The Centre del Modernisme tel. +34 933 177 652 or Cor Eixample tel. +34 934 871 243.

Presentation of the event in Spanish and Catalan

Photo: Stand of the Ruta del Modernisme. Source: Ruta del Modernisme.

Exhibition Gaudí: architecture of anticipation at the Espai Catalunya Europa in Brussels – from 22 April to 17 November 2013

"Gaudí: architecture of anticipation" organised by the Government of Catalonia, presents the art and the creative genius of the Catalan architect, who has obtained a wide international recognition. The exhibition explains, in a panoramic and instructive manner, the enormous task which has been led by Antoni Gaudí and the innovative methods used to conceive his projects.

More information 

Photo: Poster of the exhibition, source: www20.gencat.cat

Exhibition Renaissance, a model for the École de Nancy? At the Musée de l’Ecole de Nancy – from 4 May to 15 September 2013

You may have to come back to the very beginnings of the École de Nancy to find traces of the influence of Renaissance Art. Émile Gallé and Louis Majorelle indeed inherited and transmitted during their first years of activity, the decorative traditions generated in the mid 19th century by the powerful revival of the historic styles.
A materialized journey through the collections of the museum, revealing the humanist heritage of Renaissance, especially in the work of Émile Gallé.

More information

Photo: Emile Gallé, Le Reître, source: www.ecole-de-nancy.com

The Terrassa Modernista Fair – from 11 to 12 May 2013

The great holiday of the modernism in Catalonia 
You will re-live through Terrassa and Catalonia of 1900 in a weekend full of activities.

The second weekend of May
The Terrassa Modernista Fair has become one of Catalonia’s leading tourism events, and in May each year it offers more than 100,000 visitors a weekend full of cultural and culinary events, activities for kids, shows, exhibitions etc. It is the great annual modernisme festival in Catalonia and has become the shop window for a period which has left a lasting impression on Catalan character and landscapes through the arts, architecture and industry.
Terrassa has preserved and enhanced some extraordinary architectural heritage and is one of the Catalan, Spanish and European capitals of industrial modernisme.

Circus - Art and craft fair – Gastronomy - Street shows – Dance – Concerts - Tourism routes Carnival giants - Children’s activities - Classic cars - Puppets – Music… in the historical centre of the city.

Town Hall of Terrassa - Tourist Office
Raval de Montserrat, 14 - 08221 Terrassa
Téléphone: + 34 93 739 7019
E-mail: turisme@terrassa.cat
Website: www.visitaterrassa.cat or www.terrassa.cat/turisme

Presentation of the event in Spanish and in Catalan

Photo: Poster of the Fira Modernista Terrassa 2013

Students night and European crafts Days at the Musée de l’Ecole de Nancy – from 3 to 7 April 2013

The students night, which will take place on 3rd April 2013 at the Musée de l’Ecole de Nancy, will be followed by the European crafts Days in order to offer to techniques amateurs lots of know-how demonstrations.
If you like the wood work, come to follow one of the demonstrations of marquetry with students of Liffol le Grand and Pierre et Marie Curie high schools from Neufchâteau, Saturday 6 April between 10 and 12 a.m. and 2 and 5 p.m. (for everybody) or Sunday 7 April between 10 and 12 a.m. and 2 and 5 p.m. (young public).

More information and presentation of the 2012 students night

Photo: 2013 Programme of l'Ecole de Nancy (graphical design: Frédéric Rey)

Télérama Week-end at Musée de l'Ecole de Nancy – from 23 to 24 March 2013

Free entrance at the Museum with the Télérama Pass from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Two exceptional meetings are offered to children as well as adults on Sunday 24 March:

10.30 a.m.: “The Monsters ball”, family visit. Through the collections of the Musée de l’Ecole de Nancy, discover a fantastic bestiary. The monsters will not have secrets for you anymore at the end of the visit!

4 p.m.: „Collect Emile Gallé’s works: tour of two collectors“: presentation by Valérie Thomas, curator of the Museum, of several centerpieces in glass and wood of the artist coming from two important private collections given and acquired by the Museum.

More information and bookings (desirable)

Photo: Emile Gallé, service Chardons et Croix de Lorraine, vers 1884, inv.HH81.3, HH81.4.1 à 3, source: off.ecole-de-nancy.com

Study day Melilla Art Nouveau, classicist and eclectic in Melilla – from 20 to 25 May 2013

For five consecutive years the University of Granada and Melilla Monumental City Foundation organized this meeting of ten students and two teachers to study the Art Nouveau of Melilla.
This year's meeting takes place in Granada and Melilla from 20 to 25 May 2013 with the collaboration of the "Master of Art History knowledge and protection of historical heritage" and experts in cultural itineraries from the International Graduate School, of which the academic director is Dr D Salvador Gallego Aranda.

More information
Poster of the event

Photo: Poster Melilla Art Nouveau


With the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union