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Exhibition Hungarian Art Nouveau Architecture in Europe at the European Parliament in Brussels – from 26 to 29 May 2015

The exhibition organised by Csaba Sógor, Member of the European Parlament is presenting cities with a rich Art Nouveau heritage and its most prominent buildings built in the area that is current Hungary, Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia, and Croatia by emphasizing their European and universal value. Apart from the pictures mostly taken by Zoltán Bagyinszki, the different installations, a slideshow and a building maquette introduce the visitors to the world of Art Nouveau.

Furthermore, the exhibition aims to raise the attention the current state of the heritage preservation and its anomalies. Despite of the „renaissance”of the style, one can note several buildings, which are demolished or which are now in an unworthy condition and would require attention and urgent renovation.

Registrations: email to maud.vanwalleghem@europarl.europa.eu, providing your full name, date of birth, nationality, ID/Passport number and organisation.

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Picture: Poster of the exhibition

The RANN highlighted in the exhibition The Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe at the Palais de la Régence in Ensisheim – from 16 to 27 May 2015

Exhibition The Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe at the Palais de la Régence in Ensisheim – from 16 to 27 May 2015

During the European Month in Alsace, the « Palais de la Régence » in Ensisheim receives an exhibition on the 29 Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe. The « Palais de la Régence » is a stopping point of the Cultural Route Via Habsburg – 800 years of art and culture following the Habsburg’s trail, certified by the Council of Europe in 2014.

The exhibition is being organised by the Consulate General of Luxembourg in Strasbourg, in cooperation with the European Institute of Cultural Routes, the Touristic Development Agency of North Alsace (ADT) and the Regency Museum of the city of Ensisheim. The 60 notice boards written in French and English explain the Council of Europe’s program and the work of the European Institute of Cultural Routes. They particularly highlight with texts and pictures the broad diversity of the thematic Cultural Routes networks crossing Europe.

Launched by the Council of Europe in 1987 with the Declaration of Santiago de Compostela, the aim of the Cultural Routes program is to demonstrate, thanks to a journey through space and time, that the heritage of the different European countries and their culture contribute to the common cultural heritage.

Press release of the event

Picture: Poster of the exhibition "The Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe" © City of Ensisheim

Exhibition Treasures of architecture at the CIVA in Brussels – from 28 January to 19 September 2015

From Art Nouveau to the Expo 58

The exhibition Treasures of architecture, first of this type to be presented at the CIVA and organised by the Modern Architecture Archives (AAM), offers an initiatory and didactic tour from Art Nouveau to the Expo 58.

Among the "treasures" of this installation, the general public will discover rare works as well as numerous unseen works (plans that were believed to be vanished, unknown projects of Van de Velde, impressive series of water towers …).

Press release

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Picture: Victor Horta (1861‐1947), project of the Municipal Development seen from the side of the Ravenstein street in Brussels, 1928 © Archives d’Architecture Moderne

13th edition of the Modernista Fair in Terrassa – from 9 to 19 May 2015

The thirteenth edition of the Modernista Fair will be held on 9 and 10 May 2015. The Modernist Fair is an interesting tourist experience that allows visitors to travel back in time to relive a weekend in Terrassa a hundred years ago. It is an initiative promoted by the City Council and has the support of organizations, associations, institutions, companies and establishments in the city, which confirms the high degree of dynamism of civil society Terrassa.

Modernista Fair was first held in 2003 and its popularity and prestige has increased year after year. It has received recognition by the Government of "local holiday tourist attractions of Catalonia", as well as awards from Catalonia Communication and Public Relations in the category of tourist activities held in our country, given January 2010 by the Catalan Association of Communication and Public Relations and the Foundation for the Development of Communication and Development. This has shown that the Modernist Fair of Terrassa is one of the most beautiful festivals in Catalonia.

Poster of the Fair

Programme in Catalan

Picture: Poster of the 2015 Fira Modernista, Terrassa

Exhibition Flora's Feast at the Halles Saint-Géry in Brussels – from 7 February to 27 April 2015

The floral pattern in Art Nouveau

The floral pattern is used in the decorative arts or architecture since time immemorial and in almost all cultures. However, at the time of Art Nouveau, it is reinvented in our area upon contact with Japan of which borders open from 1868. Our artists discover then how their colleagues looked at nature: Japanese artists accepted the nature how she presented itself in reality, with its imperfections and its fragilities, and enhanced its particularities through their art. Flowers that can be found on Japanese fabrics, lacquered items or engravings presented a surprising aspect, sometimes tortuous, even withered, which was not habitual in our area. This new look at nature opened new ways of inspiration to our Belgian artists, withered with the academic repertoire. Our Art Nouveau overflows thus of original interpretations of the flower, under all its forms and colors. Our exhibition presents to you several examples through, among others, some posters, stained-glasses or sgraffitos from Brussels.

Curator: Guy Conde-Reis
Scientific collaboration : Françoise Aubry (Horta Museum, Saint-Gilles) et Eric Hennaut (Pechère Library).

This exhibition organised by the Réseau Art Nouveau Network at the initiative of the Monuments and Sites Directorate of the Brussels Regional Public Service in the framework of the "Art Nouveau & Ecology" project.

A book, in progress, will develop the subject (publishing around March).

Poster of the exhibition

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Picture: Poster of the exhibition "Flora's Feast", 2010 © DMS, SPRB


With the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union