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Plans, Traps and Alternatives - 120 Years of Modern Urbanism in Ljubljana

The New Millennia exhibition, set up in celebration of the 150th birth anniversary of the Slovenian architect Maks Fabiani (1865–1962), is where the famous architect's thoughts on the future meet the work of modern-day urban planners and architects.

Maks Fabiani was one of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy's most important urban planners in and one of the most influential architects at the turn of the 20th century. Fabiani was the author of an essay titled Acma, l'anima del mondo, which offers an analysis of the development of modern man and society.

The essay ends with a chapter titled New Millennia, which discusses the future. The New Millennia exhibition presents modern urban plans, concepts, programmes, and interventions created by generations of urban planners and architects following in Fabiani's wake. Their comparison with the thoughts expressed in Fabiani's essay reveal Fabiani as a true visionary.

The Architecture of Maks Fabiani-Pictures

Some of the finest Ljubljana works by the renowned Art Nouveau architect Maks Fabiani are presented in an open-air photographic exhibition by Miran Kambič, which marks the 150th anniversary of Fabiani's birth.

Maks Fabiani was one of the most important architects in Central Europe at the turn of the 20th century. In all periods of his career he remained faithful to Art Nouveau's underlying intention of making connections between art and everyday life.

For Fabiani, every building design project was also an urban development project involving a wider whole. This is particularly true of his Ljubljana works, practically all of which have their foundations in the large-scale urban plan for the redevelopment of Ljubljana after the earthquake of 1895, proposed by Fabiani on his own initiative the same year.

The photographer Miran Kambič (born 1965) has for many years been well-known for his work in the field of architectural photography. He is a regular contributor to Slovenian and international architectural magazines. His photographs have appeared in numerous books and catalogues and have been widely exhibited.

Venue: Krakovski nasip embakement – free visit

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