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III coupDefouet International Congress in Barcelona – from 27 to 30 June 2018

The Art Nouveau European Route brings together local governments and other institutions in the common quest for the protection, promotion and diffusion of Art Nouveau heritage. To fully explore and bring to light the value of Art Nouveau heritage, therefore, a Congress organised by the Art Nouveau European Route cannot limit its scope to the analyses and interpretation of the tangible heritage; it must go deeper into the reality of the communities that created it.

In this third edition of the coupDefouet International Congress, the main thematic strand proposes to look into new perspectives on Art Nouveau heritage of cities by means of cinematographic language. Given the coincidence in the time of the birth of both, footage from this age is especially significant. Together with other later filmed material related to Art Nouveau, it may provide new insights into this artistic movement and a deeper knowledge of what has been preserved, as well as what was lost or forgotten.

A second theme strand centres on the relationship of Art Nouveau works and artists with politics, and in particular with colonialism, while the third strand explores the importance of drug use and/or attitudes towards sex in Art Nouveau artists, and how this influenced their work.

Finally, the section on research and doctoral theses in progress, in which presentations from both seasoned and young researchers are welcome, will complete the four thematic strands of the programme.

More information about the Congress

Picture: Logo of the II coupDefouet International Congress © Art Nouveau European Route

Exhibition Horta and the light at the Horta Museum in Brussels – from 27 March to 24 June 2018

From the Hotel Tassel to the Central station

The evocation of nature and rational construction inspired by nature are the basic building blocks of Victor Horta’s architecture and of the living environment of its inhabitants and users. By placing a light metallic frame at the heart of his architecture, he opens up spaces and creates an extraordinary method for capturing daylight and at the same time creating a stunning Chiaroscuro effect that plays with light and darkness. The exhibition revisits the work of Victor Horta through the theme of light, from the Tassel Hotel to the Central Station.

More information

Picture: Detail of Victor Horta's personal house © Musée Horta Saint-Gilles

The Glasgow School of Art devastated again by fire - 15 June 2018

Glasgow's prestigious Glasgow School of Art, a masterpiece by architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh (1897-1909), was devastated by flames on Friday night, four years after it was already a victim a fire.

The building remains under the control of the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service and is closed to the public.

More information from GSA

Picture: The Glasgow School of art on 15 June 2018 © Scottish Fire and Rescue Service

Exhibition Waves of Art Nouveau at the Romanian Culture Institute in Vienna – from 29 May to 15 June 2018

Waves of Art Nouveau. Architecture in the Danube Region

The Romanian Cultural Institute in Vienna presents the photo exhibition “Waves of Art Nouveau. Architecture in the Danube Region”, organized by the project partners of the Interreg ART NOUVEAU DANUBE project.

This photo exhibition presents works by selected Art Nouveau architects from the Danube region. From Austria to Romania, the architecture of Otto Wagner, Ödön Lechner or Max Fabiani makes it clear what artistic diversity the term "Art Nouveau" encompasses. Starting from Vienna and the famous Wagner School, the exhibition shows how the formal vocabulary of the Art Nouveau style was carried over Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia and Bulgaria to Romania and enriched by local influences.

More information

Picture: Poster of the exhibition "Waves of Art Nouveau" © MAK

Exhibition Schiele – Brus – Palme at the Leopold Museum in Vienna – from 3rd March to 11 June 2018

Egon Schiele (1890–1918), Gunter Brus (* 1938) and Thomas Palme (* 1967) – three enfants terribles of their respective generations – have broadened the conventional concept of art with their works. Schiele’s unsparing exploration of the individual, of the self, provided a necessary but unsettling prelude to the 20th century ravaged by two world wars. In the 1960s, Günter Brus revisited the body as a major theme in art and radicalized Schiele’s analysis of the self by leaving paper and canvas behind early on and literally subjecting himself to a tension test. A generation later, it is now Thomas Palme who continues Schiele and Brus’ legacy with his graphic works by quoting them, following on from their ideas and responding to them. The exhibition will provide for a fictitious – and between Brus and Palme also direct – dialogue which, despite all existential pain, will transcend temporal, spatial and social borders at times also in a playful manner.

More information

Picture: EGON SCHIELE, Nude Self-Portrait. Study for the „Sema“ portfolio, 1912 © Leopold Museum, Vienna

With the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union

Responsible publisher: Bety Waknine, General Director,
Bruxelles Urbanisme & Patrimoine,
CCN - Rue du Progrès 80, B. 1, 1035 Brussels - Belgium


With the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union