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Ernst Haeckel Inspired by Nature - ebook
Ernst Haeckel was a doctor, marine zoologist, botanist, photographer, and an artist. He was well respected but controversial because of his beliefs in evolution. According to Edward Thomas Browne of the Linnean Society, Haeckel is responsible for many common zoology terms such as: Ontogeny, Phylum, Protozoa, Protista, Metazoa, Plankton, Coelom, and Gastrula. [...]he was a prodigious and vigorous worker. Students flocked to his classrooms at Jena, and his courses of semi-popular lectures on Evolution were fully attended by all sorts and conditions of people, from far and near. In the prime of life he was a fine, handsome man, with a strong but charming personality, fearless in expressing his Evolutionary views, which were by no means favourably received by the multitude, and attempts were even made to eject him from his Chair of Zoology. This publication includes biographical information from many sources along with 35 Plates that illustrate Radiolaria from his 1862 publication, Die Radiolarien (Rhizopoda radiaria) eine Monographie, a few from Report on the Radiolaria collected by H.M.S. Challenger during the years 1873-76 and ten plates from from Kunstformen der Natur. Creating Something Grand from Something Microscopic In addition to his works, you will also find highlighted a work by Rene Binet, the entrance of the Paris Exposition Universelle of 1900. Binet modeled the entrance after the Clathrocanium reginae. When you consider that microscopic sea fauna inspired a structure that used about 192 tonnes of metal and cost about 676,000 French fr., it certainly is worth viewing these illustration to see how they might be of inspiration to you. Radiolaria are silica secreting zooplankton. Their size can range from about 100 micrometers to what is considered a very large size of 1-2 mm. The weight gained during maturation of a single Radiolarian is 0.1 micrograms. The dimensions of the Clathrocanium reginae are, in millimeters: cephalis 0.03 long and 0.04 wide with a thorax that measures 0.08 long and 0.12 wide. An image is included in the upcoming pages.
Rene Binet Art Nouveau Architecture and Versailles Watercolors
This second volume includes some architectural projects such as the Porte Monumentale for the Exposition Universelle of 1900 and the Printemps department store. Also included are his watercolor paintings from "Versailles and the Trianons". See the first volume for a portfolio of his industrial and architectural designs. René Binet was born in Chaumont, Yonne [Burgundy region] on the 14th of October, 1866 to Savinien Joseph Binet, a railway tracklayer and Marie Grosset, a housekeeper. He attended the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts (ENSBA), from 1886 until about 1892, and was a student of Victor Laloux. Binet was an architect, decorator, and painter. Perhaps his most culturally significant contribution was his design of the main entry for the Paris Exhibition of 1900, a commission that he won. He is considered an artist of La Belle Epoque, executing his designs in the style of Art Nouveau. Two Paris addresses are associated with the artist: 6 rue de l’Abbaye and 33 rue Bonaparte. According to the Musée d’Orsay, René Binet “discovered Italy after winning, in 1893, the Chaudesaigues prize, which enabled young architects to spend two years there”. Along with Italy, Binet also traveled to Sicily, Algeria and Spain. The museum also attributes these trips to his interest in watercolor painting. According to the museum, he traveled frequently which provided him some relief from his rheumatism. In 1903, an exhibition, at the Galerie Paul Durand-Ruel in Paris, featured his watercolor paintings. His work was also greatly influenced by the research and illustrations of Ernst Haeckel. Gustave Geffroy, in his forward to Esquisses décoratives, notes that Binet viewed the Clathrocanium reginae as the most beautiful and a perfect representation of the richness and logic of the Radiolaria family. Geffroy also points out that it is the Clathrocanium reginae that inspired the design of the Porte Monumentale [main entrance] of the Exposition Universelle of 1900. You can see illustrations of these geometric and microscopic sea creature skeletons in the upcoming pages and also in the separate editions of Haeckel’s works from delsc. Binet died in 1911 in Ouchy, Switzerland.
Illustrations of Katsushika Hokusai - ebook
Selected illustrations of Katsushika Hokusai with a forward by Sir Charles John Holmes, former Director of the National Portrait Gallery and the sixth Director of the National Gallery, from his book Hokusai (1901). The prints include many from his Waterfalls series and Mount Fuji. Sketches and prints of birds, mice, flowers, snow scenes and beaches are also included.
Hiroshige Prints (Ando, Ichiyusai, Utagawa) - ebook
Selected prints attributed and Ando Hiroshige who was also known by Ichiyūsai and Utagawa Hiroshige. You will also find an introduction from Frank Lloyd Wright reprinted from his catalog dated 1906. Subjects are the ocean, waves, people, fish,birds, a cat, boats, flowers and mountains. The pine tree or matsu can be found in many of these images.
Art Nouveau Animal Decorative Designs - ebook
This publication includes translated quotes from Eugene Grasset and M.P. Verneuil along with ocean, fish, bugs, butterflies, and reptile Art Nouveau decorative designs by artists such as: H. Bellery-Desfontaines (1867 to 1909) Édouard Bénédictus (1878 to 1930) Maurice Dufrène (1876 to 1955) Eugène Grasset (1844 to 1917) André Herpin (1880 to 1940) René Lalique (1860 to 1945) Mathurin Méheut (1882 to 1958) Alfons Mucha (1860 to 1939) M. P. Verneuil (1869 to 1942) Henri Vever (1854 to 1942)
The Women and Cats of Art Nouveau Artists - ebook
A collection of prints from Art Nouveau artists with women and cats as the subjects of these prints. Artists include: Jules Chéret • 1836 to 1932 Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec • 1864 - 1901 Eugène Grasset • 1844 to 1917 Alfons Mucha • 1860 - 1939 Théophile Steinlen • 1859 – 1923 Louis Rhead • 1857 - 1926 M. P. Verneuil • 1869–1942 Paul Follot • 1875 – 1942 Paul Berthon • 1872 – 1909 Georges de Feure • 1868 – 1943 Edward Penfield • 1866 - 1925 Leonetto Cappiello • 1875 – 1942
The Library of Eugene Grasset
The September edition is focused on the inspirations of Eugène Grasset through the publication of library items. The pages included in this publication are from an estate sale catalogue. Although a little morbid, it does give the reader a clear indication of what he found inspirational. Arsène Alexandre quoted Grasset as saying -- “these are my friends of solitude and of work”.
Art Nouveau Decorative Designs - ebook
This edition includes three artists with a focus on the more obscure French artists, MP Verneuil and Georges Auriol. Alfons Maria Mucha designs are included and, if you love Mucha, you will love Verneuil and Auriol's designs.
Teodora Gheroghiu: Art Nouveau. Strauss, Zemlinsky, Ravel - CD musical
1 cd Aparté
Top 100 Art nouveau / Bruxelles
Marie Resseler propose une découverte de l'Art nouveau à travers une approche thématique originale : métamorphose de la maison bourgeoise, quant l'architecte construit sa maison, maisons et ateliers d'artistes, au coin de la rue, l'Art nouveau pour les petits... Cet ouvrage très documenté est agrémenté de nombreuses archives photographiques.
Grenoble cedex 1
L'Art Nouveau à Grenoble
Elodie Peiffer porte un intérêt particulier à l'Art Nouveau qui la séduit par son langage formel. Son affection pour cet art s'est principalement développée autour des créations dans les arts appliqués, mais s'est ensuite portée sur l'architecture. L'étude du Castel Béranger, d'Hector Guimard, et de la Villa Majorelle, d'Henri Sauvage et de Louis Majorelle, lui a permis de découvrir les particularités de l'architecture Art Nouveau. Ce livre décrit la réception et l'adaptation de l'Art Nouveau à Grenoble dans l'habitat collectif, sujet qui n'a jamais été étudié auparavant.
Strasbourg cedex
L'héritage de l'Art Nouveau dans le Rhin supérieur - DVD
Le présent DVD propose un parcours riche et varié à travers l'Art Nouveau en Alsace, et plus largement dans le Rhin supérieur, par le biais de 40 bâtiments Art Nouveau filmés (plus de deux heures de vidéo), d'une base de plus de 300 photographies et de 13 propositions de séquences pédagogiques. Discipline(s) : arts plastiques, histoire de l'art Niveau(x) : collège, lycée, supérieur, grand public Par Melissa Decaire, conception/réalisation audiovisuelle et Jean-Michel Koch (IA-IPR d'arts plastiques - académie de Strasbourg), coordination pédagogique. DVD-vidéo/rom avec livret 4 pages et fichiers PDF Prix : 19,90 €
Las otras Pedreras. Arquitectura y diseño en el mundo a principios del siglo XX
Esta exposición, realizada con motivo de la celebración del centenario de finalización de las obras de construcción de La Pedrera, muestra seis edificios construidos coetáneamente al edificio de Gaudí, que reflejan tendencias estilísticas diversas en el ámbito arquitectónico, el mobiliario y las artes decorativas y aplicadas.
Alphonse Mucha: The Spirit of Art Nouveau
Alphonse Mucha (1890-1939) was one of the most important decorative artists in Paris at the turn of the century. His sensual female portraits with their elaborate borders?le style Mucha?embody the essence of Art Nouveau. The Mucha family and the Mucha Foundation have put together a touring exhibition of Mucha's work, and this is the companion volume. Though numerous works on Mucha have appeared in the past few decades, none have been as exhaustive as this illustrated group of essays by noted European experts. The full-scale treatment covers paintings, decorative panels, pastels, drawings, photographs, jewelry, and advertisements as well as numerous book and magazine illustrations. The essays elucidate Mucha's political activities in Czechoslovakia, which spawned the enormous murals "The Slav Epic"; his association with the actress Sarah Bernhardt; and the impact of American patronage on his later work. This lavish homage may prove to be the most important study of an amazing and prolific artist. Highly recommended.?Joseph C. Hewgley, Nashville P.L., Antioch Copyright 1998 Reed Business Information, Inc. 344 pages
L'architecture en Belgique : Art Nouveau, Art déco & Modernisme
La prise de conscience du patrimoine architectural de la Belgique et le souci de sa préservation intéressent un public toujours plus nombreux, désireux d'une information de qualité. Ce constat a amené les Editions Racine à proposer une nouvelle édition, en un volume, des ouvrages à succès " Art nouveau en Belgique " et " Art déco et Modernisme en Belgique ", comprenant un texte entièrement actualisé ainsi que de nouvelles photographies. Avec des architectes comme Victor Horta et Henri van de Velde, entre autres, et des lieux comme le palais Stoclet, le trésor architectural belge est unique et mondialement connu. Ce livre montre l'importance, la richesse et la diversité de l'Art nouveau, de l'Art déco et du Modernisme. Il donne une vue d'ensemble sur les œuvres les plus importantes réalisées en Belgique, de Verviers à Ostende. 408 pages, Collection : ARTICLES SANS C Langue : Français