Mednarodni simpozij 2010

Percepcija art nouveauja, Bruselj, 4.-5. decembra 2010
Program in povzetki: Francoski/Angleški ali Francosko/Holandski

Vsi prispevki so bili recenzirani.

AuthorChristina USLULAR-THIELE, Art Historian, Hochschule Darmstadt
TitleThe "Darmstadt Style" - artistic provocation and signpost

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Abstract“Jugendstil”, the German Art Nouveau, became successful in graphic arts as an innovation for avant-garde circles, but disturbing for the so-called “normal people” (breites Publikum) with new architecture and interior concepts. That the Grand Duke of Hessen sponsored a community of artists and arranged a great exhibition in Darmstadt 1901, was support for the artistic movement and a success to be attended in Germany. But it did not bring immediate success in the small region and several years of accommodation and transformation were necessary to create the “Darmstadt Style”. The best and most beautiful example for this adaptation “from art into daily life” is the combination of traditional and avant-garde architecture and decorations of the spa-buildings complex in Bad Nauheim.


With the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union