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Tour Total Art at CIVA in Brussels - 14 September 2019

With this "Total Art" circuit, you will discover the aesthetic universe of the Art Nouveau movement and the peculiarity of touching different areas of artistic creation: ironwork, stone cutting, stained glass, sgraffito, ceramics, furniture, advertising posters, books, tableware, etc.

From CIVA, where furniture and decorative objects from its collections will be exhibited, you will go by bus to the Pierre and Marcelle Majerus Stained Glass Foundation to discover their collection of Art Nouveau stained glass windows. Then, course to the Art and History Museum to discover the former Wolfers shop, signed Victor Horta, to finish with the Bibliotheca Wittockiana which houses an exceptional collection of valuable works and where some books and Art Nouveau bindings will be presented. Back to CIVA.

Place of departure: CIVA, 55 rue de l'Ermitage in Ixelles

This circuit is realised with the collaboration of RANN, as part of the European Heritage Days.

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Photo: Former Wolfers shop © CIVA

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With the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union

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