One of the actions planned by the Réseau Art Nouveau Network is a number of multilateral exchanges, based on the specific needs of the participating partners. The exchanges provide the opportunity for those working in the cultural heritage, tourism and academic sector to exchange their knowledge and experience across Europe, addressing themes relevant to the contemporary promotion of Art Nouveau. Working and learning from colleagues in countries across Europe, professionals can develop close co-operational links and the pan-European nature of Art Nouveau makes it an ideal subject matter for such exchanges.

multilateral exchanges are planned in the framework of the project "Art Nouveau & Ecology":

Listed buildings, protection policies and financial supports in Europe I, Brussels, 6 December 2010
Programme French-English
Programme French-Dutch

New Technologies and Social Networks in the Diffusion of Heritage: Challenges and Opportunities, Barcelona, 6 June 2011

Provisional programme Catalan-English-French

Listed buildings, protection policies and financial supports in Europe II, Helsinki, 4 October 2013
Programme French-English

The preservation of Art Nouveau in a changing environment, Ålesund, 21 March 2014
Programme French-English


Three multilateral exchanges were planned during phase 3, "Art Nouveau & Society":

Art Nouveau and Tourism, Ljubljana, 14 March 2006 

Art Nouveau and Education, Provincia di Varese, 8 May 2007


Interpretation Centres, Nancy, 23 October 2007


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