Exhibition Art Nouveau in the Treasuries of Subotica at the Municipal Museum in Subotica – until April 2014

The temporary exhibition of the Municipal Museum of Subotica titled "Art Nouveau in the Treasuries of Subotica" presents art nouveau painting, sculpture, applied art, handicraft and industrial products from public collections of Subotica on an exhibition area of 200 m2. It intends to call attention to Art Nouveau objects preserved in public collections of the town, as well as to highlight the fact that the art nouveau style should not be noticed only in the monuments of architectural heritage in Subotica.

The centenary of finishing the construction of the Art Nouveau Town Hall designed by Marcell Komor (1868–1944) and Dezső Jakab (1864–1932) served as the occasion for preparing the exhibition in September 2012. This exhibition covers all the phases of Art Nouveau: the early period (from 1890’s to the turn of the 19th and 20th century), the mature (1900–1914) and the late (from 1914 to 1930’s) phases of the style.

The objects are presented within several smaller subject matters: characteristic items of male and female spheres of middle-class homes (fashion, bringing up children, personal hygiene, collections – okimono from Japan, medals –, the culture of reading, listening to music, concept of spare time, relaxation, engagement in fine arts, photography), as well as several characteristic scenes and phenomena of public life (coffee-house, cinema, concerts, Japanese fashion, spa life in Palić etc.).

The exhibition is open to visitors until April 2014.

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Picture: Poster of the exhibition Art Nouveau in the Treasuries of Subotica

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