Travelling exhibition The Nature of Art Nouveau at the Palacio del Segundo Cabo in La Habana – from spring 2016

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Travelling exhibition The Nature of Art Nouveau at the Villa Darvas-La Roche in Oradea – from spring 2016 

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Reopening of the Casa Vicens in Barcelona – 16 November 2017

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2nd Symposium Egon Schiele in the Leopold Museum in Vienna – from 9 to 10 November 2017

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International symposium From Neo-Impressionism to Art Nouveau by the Horta Museum in Brussels – on 20 November 2017

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Reopening of the Magasin Wolfers at the Cinquantenaire Museum in Brussels – from 29 November 2017

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Exhibition Subject for Poetry. Speaking glasswork von Emile Gallé at the Ecole de Nancy Museum – from 31 March to 9 July 2017

In the work of the Nancy-born artist Emile Gallé (1846-1904), writings are essential. They can take several forms: correspondence, Art reviews articles, exhibitions leaflets, but also quotations, and constant references to literature as a source for inspiration and decoration for his glass items, ceramics and woodworks. When associated to naturalist patterns, calligraphy turns itself into a decoration pattern, reinforcing at the same time the symbolic force of the object.

The Ecole de Nancy museum preserves, within its unique collection of Gallé’s glassworks, more than fifty “speaking” items. Among them small series items inspired from medieval tales as well as unique items inspired from the Bible, romantic and contemporary poets can be found. Through the study of those literary references arises the personality of a highly educated and committed man who had a predilection for Victor Hugo’s work.

The Ecole de Nancy museum proposes to its visitors to re-discover those items under this specific lighting in order to improve the understanding of nuances and symbols of this work. This presentation is completed with a programme of guided tours for all visitors.

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Picture: Emile Gallé, vase The rain at the pond blows bubbles © MEN - Cliché Studio Image


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