Lectures Rebuilding after the fire at the Faculty of Architecture La Cambre Horta in Brussels - on 22 May 2018

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Photo contest My Favorite Art Nouveau Architect! in the framework of the 2018 World Art Nouveau Day - on 10 June 2018 

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Project Art Nouveau Danube – from January 2017 to June 2019

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The RANN is now on YouTube

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Let’s celebrate the European Year of Cultural Heritage! - 2018

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2nd Symposium Egon Schiele in the Leopold Museum in Vienna – from 9 to 10 November 2017

The Leopold Museum as the seat of the largest and most important Schiele collection in the world is pleased to invite you to the second Egon Schiele Symposium to get an international overview of the state of current research on Egon Schiele and deal inspired her.

The versatility of Egon Schiele's art, his personal mythology which is expressed in his (self)portraits, the representations of landscapes or trees and houses, count now obviously amongst the great artistic achievements of the 20th century. Schiele has become such a familiar name that it is so to say necessary to rediscover his work from time to time. The symposium at the Leopold Museum gives the chance to look at the original works of art discussed during the academic lectures, to deepen them, as Egon Schiele called: "See if you can, - in a work of art"

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Picture: Egon Schiele, Self-portrait with a raised naked shoulder, 1912 © Leopold Museum, Wien, Inv. 653


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