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Exhibition Lilacs at the Riga Art Nouveau Center in Riga – from 25 May to 10 September 2017

The theme of flowers has already become a kind of tradition within the Riga Art Nouveau Centre’s exhibitions and gathers pieces of art as well as applied art and photographs, all devoted to the theme of lilacs. Many artists of the early 20th century glorified lilacs in their paintings, they have been extolled in prose and poetry too.

The exhibition presents the Riga Art Nouveau Centre collection of postcards, showing lilacs or people holding lilac flowers. The most important part of the exhibition shows household objects, including dishes and handicrafts.

The catalogue for the LILACS exhibition at the Museum Riga Art Nouveau Centre is already available, and represents the objects from the repositories and collections (2017, ISBN 978-9934-566-04-02).

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Picture: Poster of the exhibition "Lilacs" © Riga Art Nouveau Center

Exhibition Commercial and children at the Riga Art Nouveau Center – from 17 May to 27 August 2017

The Museum “Riga Art Nouveau centre” welcomes you for the poster exhibition “Advertisement and Children” from the Bratislava Trade museum. This exhibition introduces the image of children in 20th century advertisements.

The exhibition includes original historic posters and other advertisement articles from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and other European countries. The happy and smiling face of a child was not only represented on children’s product advertisements, but also on everyday goods packaging.

A variety of products were purchased mostly by women, such as coffee, soap, margarine, shoe polish, sweets and other household items. This is why producers and traders attracted their attention by showing shiny and happy children’s images.

A special corner is included in this exhibition – Children’s Tea Party, showing early 20th century children’s items from “Riga Art Nouveau Center” collection, as well as private collections. 

The exhibition was prepared in cooperation with the The Embassy of Slovak Republic and Museum of Trade Bratislava and shows the posters from the collection of the Museum of Trade Bratislava.

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Picture: Poster of the exhibition "Commercial and children" © Riga Art Nouveau Center

Exhibition Giuseppe Sommaruga at the Palazzo Lombardia in Milan – from 22 June to 25 July

A protagonist of Liberty between Varese and Milan

In Varese (from May 28 to July 31) and Milan (June 22 to July 25), the city of Liberty, the institution Italia Liberty proposes a journey of discovery and rediscovery of the architectural and artistic works of the eminent architect Giuseppe Sommaruga, organised by Vittorio Sgarbi and Andrea Speziali for the 150th anniversary of his birth.

Giuseppe Sommaruga was not only one of the leading figures in Italian Liberty, but also an innovating and avant-garde architect who redefined the style of Art Nouveau.

Three suggestive locations (Grand Hotel Campo dei Fiori, Archivio di Stato a Varese e Palazzo Lombardia a Milano) will be the scene for a completely unpublished photographic and documentary exhibition. The exhibition sites have been specially chosen after careful research:

The Grand Hotel Campo dei Fiori, closed for five decades: a forgotten masterpiece of Italian Liberty, signed by Sommaruga; The State Archives of Varese contains original documents by Giuseppe Sommaruga and Hector Guimard, coevo of Sommaruga (also born in 1867), the architect of international Modernism, an architectural style parallel to the Italian Liberty.

The Lombardy Palace in Milan, the seat of the Region in its modern forms, recalls the typical Italian Liberty style with concave and convex shapes.

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Picture: Poster of the exhibition "Giuseppe Sommaruga" © Italia Liberty

Guided tours and workshops for families Daddy, Mummy, Horta and me ! at the Horta Museum in Brussels – from 5 to 14 July 2017

During the first two weeks in July, the Horta Museum will open its doors on Mornings to the children and parents for an adapted visit to each age.

The playful visit will enable to discover an a pro-active way the extraordinary house and Victor Horta’s wonderful universe.

After the visit, a creative workshop will be offered, so that everyone can create a work inspired from Nature, in relation with Art Nouveau.

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Compulsory registration by phone : 0032 (0)2 543 04 90
Or by e-mail :

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Picture: Guided tours and workshops for families "Daddy, Mummy, Horta and me!" © Musée Horta

Exhibition Subject for Poetry. Speaking glasswork von Emile Gallé at the Ecole de Nancy Museum – from 31 March to 9 July 2017

In the work of the Nancy-born artist Emile Gallé (1846-1904), writings are essential. They can take several forms: correspondence, Art reviews articles, exhibitions leaflets, but also quotations, and constant references to literature as a source for inspiration and decoration for his glass items, ceramics and woodworks. When associated to naturalist patterns, calligraphy turns itself into a decoration pattern, reinforcing at the same time the symbolic force of the object.

The Ecole de Nancy museum preserves, within its unique collection of Gallé’s glassworks, more than fifty “speaking” items. Among them small series items inspired from medieval tales as well as unique items inspired from the Bible, romantic and contemporary poets can be found. Through the study of those literary references arises the personality of a highly educated and committed man who had a predilection for Victor Hugo’s work.

The Ecole de Nancy museum proposes to its visitors to re-discover those items under this specific lighting in order to improve the understanding of nuances and symbols of this work. This presentation is completed with a programme of guided tours for all visitors.

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Picture: Emile Gallé, vase The rain at the pond blows bubbles © MEN - Cliché Studio Image

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