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Exhibition A Bird's Eye View of Art Nouveau in front of the Reök Palace in Szeged – from 17 October to 20 December 2017

A photo exhibition set up in front of the Reök Palace shows Szeged's most beautiful art nouveau buildings from an unusual perspective. The emphasis is on details that are often hidden from view. The novelty of the images of 14 lovely Szeged buildings taken by drones is the fact that they show these stunning buildings from an angle that we only rarely see them, if ever.

Compiled from footage from EURO-TV, it was organised by students working on a curatorial specialisation in the University of Szeged's philosophy master's degree programme under the direction of art historian Dr Róbert Nátyi.

Complete presentation of the exhibition

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Picture: Exhibition "A Bird's Eye View of Art Nouveau" in Szeged © Reök Palace

Photo contest Photograph your heritage in Brussels – 15 December 2017

Get yourself and your cameras ready for the photo contest Photograph your heritage from the Direction of Monuments and Sites of the Brussels-Capital region.

As part of the European year of cultural heritage that will take place in 2018, you are all warmly invited to take part to this photo contest: express what represents the Region’s heritage best according to you through photographs. The best photographs will be part of an exhibition during 2018.

Taking part to this event is easy, find the rules of the photo contest on the Heritage Department website and subscribe directly online before the 15th of December.

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Picture: Poster of the photo contest "Photograph your heritage" © Direction des Monuments et Sites, SPRB

Reopening of the Casa Vicens in Barcelona – 16 November 2017

Casa Vicens was built as a summer home between 1883 and 1885; it was designed by the 31-year-old Gaudí for Manel Vicens i Montaner (1836-1895), a broker-dealer. It is Gaudí’s first building in Barcelona where he was able to display his enormous talent.

It is the eighth building in Barcelona listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the last to be opened to the public.

The first phase of the project got underway in April 2015, and the full execution began on the 19th of September 2016. Respect for Antoni Gaudí’s work is the criterion determining the architectural rehabilitation and restoration process. The work on Casa Vicens is slated to finish in the autumn of 2017.

The project is sponsored by the Andorran bank MoraBanc, a prominent private family bank which purchased the property in March 2014 and which aims to preserve the world cultural heritage and invest in a world-class city like Barcelona.

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Picture: Antoni Gaudí, Casa Vicens, Fireplace and access to the gallery, 1883-1885 © Casa Vicens

Call for papers III coupDefouet International Congress in Barcelona – until 15 December 2017

The Art Nouveau European Route brings together local governments and other institutions in the common quest for the protection, promotion and diffusion of Art Nouveau heritage. To fully explore and bring to light the value of Art Nouveau heritage, therefore, a Congress organised by the Art Nouveau European Route cannot limit its scope to the analyses and interpretation of the tangible heritage; it must go deeper into the reality of the communities that created it.

In this third edition of the coupDefouet International Congress, the main thematic strand proposes to look into new perspectives on Art Nouveau heritage of cities by means of cinematographic language. Given the coincidence in the time of the birth of both, footage from this age is especially significant. Together with other later filmed material related to Art Nouveau, it may provide new insights into this artistic movement and a deeper knowledge of what has been preserved, as well as what was lost or forgotten.

A second theme strand centres on the relationship of Art Nouveau works and artists with politics, and in particular with colonialism, while the third strand explores the importance of drug use and/or attitudes towards sex in Art Nouveau artists, and how this influenced their work. Finally, the section on research and doctoral theses in progress, in which presentations from both seasoned and young researchers are welcome, will complete the four thematic strands of the programme.

The final deadline for submissions is 15 December 2017.

More information about the Congress

Picture: Poster of the IIIrd coupDefouet International Congress in Barcelona © ANER

Exhibition Paul and his brothers at the Halles Saint-Géry in Brussels – from 8 September to 22 November 2017

Architect Paul Hamesse worked for more than 40 years with his brothers, Georges and Léon, in their office in Saint-Gilles/Sint-Gillis. A student of Hankar and Chambon, passionate about art and a regular on the Brussels artistic scene, Paul had a clear taste for decoration and developed a very personal signature style that he applied to even the smallest of details, from façades to door handles.

Brussels was the main location for their creative energy, which evolved in line with the styles, techniques and materials of their time.

Aimed at families, the exhibition Paul and his brothers opens the doors to a buzzing radiant city where the know-how of Paul and his brothers, virtuosos of decoration, was implemented in some 200 creations scattered throughout the territory.

Organisation: Association pour l’Étude du Bâti (APEB), with the support of the Monuments and Sites Directorate of the Brussels-Capital Region.

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Picture: Poster of the exhibition Paul and his brothers © APEB - Direction des Monuments et des Sites, BUP

With the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union

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