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Art Nouveau and Nature
Educational material Online activities - games

The activities on line help children to discover Art nouveau through 3 interactive games allowing them to identify and memorize Art Nouveau patterns and characteristics.

Discovering Art Nouveau
Educational material Online activities - games

Let’s go and discover some of Art Nouveau’s hidden treasures! These games will show you how nature inspired the furniture and buildings created in this style.

Ursula and the Dragon-3d animated film
Educational material Videos

See a short animated film Ursula and the Dragon, which takes place on the art nouveau Dragon Bridge in Ljubljana. It tells the story of Ursula and the Triton, which resumes the old legend, written by the most famous Slovene poet France Prešeren. If you want to know more about the Dragon bridge and France Prešeren click the following links: Dragon bridge   France Prešeren

Children Gallery
Educational material Children Gallery

Children interpret what they see in a different way. Below is a selection of some of the beautiful drawings that children have made, inspired by various activities, learning about the Art Nouveau aesthetics. We would like to encourage teachers and educators to send us scanned images of drawings made by children representing Art Nouveau, either exercises from one of our educational publications, or others made from their own imagination. Please note that no names will be mentioned, respecting the UN convention on the Rights of the Child.

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