Lifelong love for the enamel. Per Bredo Østby’s donation at the Art Nouveau Centre in Ålesund

23/10/2020 > 02/01/2022


Per Bredo Østby is a third-generation goldsmith. Throughout a long life, he has, with the eyes of a professional, been a qualified and dedicated collector of Norwegian enamel. In 2020, he decided to donate the collection to the Art Nouveau Center & KUBE.

The exhibition shows the donation in its entirety. It consists of beautiful objects of very high quality, with a wide range of works, techniques and expressions from the central Norwegian enamel artists who worked in the decades around 1900, including Torolf Prytz, Gustav Gaudernack, and Marius Hammer. The collection thus represents a unique presentation of Norwegian goldsmith history in the enamel technique.

Østby’s generous donation will form a cornerstone of the museum’s permanent Art Nouveau collection. They are grateful and proud to present it to the public.

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