Contribute to the Villa Fruhinsholz’s restoration in Nancy

> 09/07/2020

Léon Cayotte, Villa Fruhinsholz, 1908, Nancy (France) ©Julie Noury Soyer Photographe

Created in 1908 for A. Fruhinsholz, the Art Nouveau style villa, is located in Nancy. Its owners wish to restore it so that this jewel finds its state and its original shine. Currently the condition of the frame and stained glass are of concern.

This villa is now over 110 years old. She lived through two wars and did not always receive the care she deserved. Today, its owners are doing their utmost to preserve this house and remedy these shortcomings. But the upkeep of such a gem is a challenge that goes beyond them. They are launching this campaign because the condition of the frame and the stained glass are worrying.

The original frame of the house was infected with house capricorns. If they were able to treat the main beams and stop the infection of the main parts, they discovered that the said frame was modified twice: the original flat roof was covered with a zinc roof, above which a tiled roof was then added. They want to remove these structures and remove the infected wood to find the original condition of the roof.

The second part of the work concerns the stained glass windows of the master glassmaker Jacques Grüber. These have never been restored since their installation in early 1900. With time doing its work, the woodwork moves and threatens the integrity of the stained glass. The stained glass windows and their woodwork must be dismantled, cleaned and repaired. The latter will thus regain their robustness and their radiance.

The villa is made of limestone; there again, a certain number of these stones must be changed, in particular those of the porch of the entry. This site is less worrying than the two previous ones because the integrity of the building is not at stake. However, if your help allows them they will have them restored.

They need your support to make this villa, which is one of the symbols of Nancy’s Art Nouveau, as safe as possible. They are counting on your generosity to achieve the goal of their participatory kitty, available here.