Exhibition The Advertising Boom at the Museu del Disseny in Barcelona

14/12/2018 > 31/03/2019

The Advertising Boom. Tin, cardboard and tile posters. 1890-1950

The exhibition is a tour, from the end of the 19th century to the middle of the 20th, through graphic commercial advertising dedicated especially to the promotion of everyday products: food, wines and cavas, pharmaceuticals, care products, tobacco, machines etc.

Besides popular paper posters, the exhibition highlights how advertising adopted other media such as tin, cardboard and ceramic-tile posters. This led to a much broader distribution of the products advertised, particularly in shops, over counters, in shop windows and on façades.

Two-dimensional tin and cardboard posters and even large-format three-dimensional pieces in the case of cardboard, served as powerful advertisements at shop entrances, often with life-size figures that became popular icons of their day. The purpose was to promote the products’ qualities and advantages, by highlighting in particular the name of the manufacturer, which, in an effort to position itself in the market, began to use design to create an attractive brand image.

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Picture: Fábrica de Mayólica y Azulejos. Francisco Lahuerta. Ceramic panel, glazed and tubed, 1925-1936. Fábrica de Mayólica y Azulejos Francisco Lahuerta. Museu de Ceràmica de Manises.