European Heritage Days 2022

10/09/2022 > 25/09/2022

The European Heritage Days are the most widely celebrated participatory cultural event shared by the people of Europe. The Council of Europe launched the initiative in 1985, and in 1999 was joined by the European Union to create the joint action, which has continued up to the present day. Conceivably, the Programme, which can boast up to 20 million visitors every year, generates the greatest value, Euro for Euro, of any “European” cultural project.

Held in September each year, EHD events – often called Heritage Open Days – take place in the countries party to the European Cultural Convention. During this time, doors are opened to numerous monuments and sites, allowing Europe’s citizens to enjoy free visits and learn about their shared cultural heritage and encouraging them to become actively involved in the safeguard and enhancement of this heritage for present and future generations.

This year, too, there are many events related to Art Nouveau.
You can find them on the European Heritage Days website.

Our members’ events:


The Heritage Days in the Brussels-Capital Region will take place on 17 and 18 September.
The “Matrimoine Days” are launched from 23 to 25 September.

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Maison Losseau

Art Nouveau and new technologies
The beginning of the 20th century was a time of technical innovation in many fields. In architecture, this was manifested through the explosion of an artistic movement: Art Nouveau. One of the main aims of this movement was to introduce modern materials, which had previously been reserved for industrial buildings, into the private sphere. From then on, concrete and iron embellished, in particular, the homes of the upper middle classes. In Mons, it was Léon Losseau who, as an aesthete and avant-gardist, gave pride of place to this trend from 1900.
On the occasion of the Heritage Days, the Losseau Foundation and the Literature Sector of the Province of Hainaut invite you to discover the techniques and materials that continue to question the approach of today’s architects and restorers. Between technology and Art Nouveau, the house of Léon Losseau will never cease to amaze you.

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European Heritage Days in the museums of Nancy

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