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Art Nouveau in Progress, exhibitions leaflet for children - 2003
Exhibition Catalogues

Small publication dedicated to children to accompany the travelling exhibition “Art Nouveau in Progress”. The recto presents a short story linked to the Art Nouveau heritage in each partner city. The verso is a long poster which summarises the diversity of the Network.

Art Nouveau in Progress, exhibition’s catalogue - 2003
Exhibition Catalogues

This publication accompanied the travelling exhibition “Art Nouveau in Progress”. It presents case studies from different cities within the Network, covering three chosen themes of “Visions”, “Disappearance” and “Regeneration”. Published in two bilingual editions: English – French, French – Dutch.

Art Nouveau in Progress – Un Segle de modernisme a Europa - 2004
Exhibition Catalogues

CoupDefouet Extra, published by Art Nouveau European Route in collaboration with the Réseau Art Nouveau Network.Copyright: – Institut del Paisatge Urba i la Qualitat de Vida Ajuntament de Barcelona, 2004. Published in a bilingual edition, English – Catalan.

Nova umetnost – vizije in resničnost/Art Nouveau in Progress - 2006
Exhibition Catalogues

Exhibition’s abstract, for the travelling exhibition “Art Nouveau in Progress”, during its Ljubljana visit. Published in collaboration with Ruta Europea del Modernisme. Published in a bilingual edition, English – Slovenian.

A strange world – Metamorphosis and Hybridisation in Art Nouveau and Symbolism, exhibition’s catalogue - 2013
Exhibition Catalogues

Catalogue which accompagnies the exhibition “The Nature of Art Nouveau”. This bi-lingual publication includes contributions by Teresa–M. Sala (the exhibition Curator), Hélène Guéné (Professeur Emerita of Contemporary Art History) and Vincent Munier (photographer). It features 28 case studies, presented by each city involved in co-organising the exhibition.

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