Within the Réseau Art Nouveau Network, some individual members have taken it upon themselves to create a map of all Art Nouveau places in the world. Members that deserve all the credit for this monumental job are Jacques Lasserre and Christian Schwarzer. They have traveled around the world and built a massive database with photos that they are now incorporating into this map over the years. For us.

With their map, it should become fairly easy for all of us who are interested in Art Nouveau to prepare for our next trip to a foreign place and see all the beautiful architecture once we arrive. Enjoy!

Yellow squaresCarry a link to the corresponding local Art Nouveau map (zoom in on the area)
Yellow rhombusesProvide links to photo albums or other such borrowed material until a proper map is set up
Yellow starsHighlight the richest clusters of Art Nouveau architecture and provide links either to a map or to photo albums awaiting to be changed into maps
Red squaresShow places for which the authors have already collected address lists and are preparing to set up the corresponding map
Red starsHighlight the richest clusters of Art Nouveau architecture; corresponding maps are in preparation
White squresShow places where Art Nouveau is known to exist, but for which the necessary information remains to be collected

The Art Nouveau Atlas in Ukraine

Following the events in Ukraine, Jacques Lasserre completed a map of Art nouveau architecture in Kyiv, which you can see here:

Contribute to the Art Nouveau Atlas!

If you would like to contribute to this Art Nouveau Atlas, you are encouraged to send your contributions to Jacques Lasserre. Particularly the white areas are of interest.

The information we need includes the address of the building, the year of construction and the name of the architect. If possible, a photo would be great. And if the building is mentioned online somewhere, like on wiki or anywhere else, the URL of that page could be helpful too. If a building has a name, we’d like to get the name too. Or a special purpose, like school, hospital, hotel, station etc. You get the point! Any information will be greatly appreciated!