L’invitation de Victor H. at Horta Museum in Brussels

15/01/2021 > 18/04/2021

L’invitation de Victor H. follows an initiative of BeCraf, where artists get inspiration from the collections of a museum to create original contemporary work.

How can you be inspired by Victor Horta without doing “Victor Horta”? The artists of BeCraft take a contemporary look at the essential work of the Belgian architect, who brought with him a major artistic current of modern art. His home and studio, characteristic of Art Nouveau at its peak, have largely preserved his creations. This is enough to impress but also to inspire contemporary artists because working in Horta’s wake is in itself a symbolic integration into History.

It is not easy to enter this universe, as his work is very impressive, almost sacred. However, Victor Horta invited the artists of BeCraft to be part of it, for the time of collaboration.

After the exhibition at the BeCraft gallery, it is the turn of the Horta Museum to welcome a selection of artists for an exhibition of the works in situ.

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L'Invitation de Victor H. ©Helene Riviere
L’Invitation de Victor H.
© Hélène Rivière