The Mathildenhöhe Darmstadt becomes a World Heritage Site


Joseph Maria Olbrich, 1901, Darmstadt (Germany)

The Institut Mathildenhöhe Darmstadt is a multi-disciplinary house of fine and applied arts in Darmstadt, Germany.
Between 1899 and 1914, the Institut was the site of the legendary artists’ colony founded by the young Ernst Ludwig, Grand Duke of Hesse. Located not far from the city centre, it became a sensational field of experimentation for artistic innovations, through which the open-minded sovereign and a group of young artists realised their concept of the fusion of art and life.
The entire Darmstadt artists’ colony is today considered to be one of the most significant testimonies to the birth of modern art.
Its current appearance is still mainly marked by the buildings of the architect Joseph Maria Olbrich, who created, among other things, the remarkable silhouette of the Mathildenhöhe as it presents itself to the city, consisting of the Bridal Tower and the Exhibition Building, both of which were completed in 1908.

On 24 July, the Institut Mathildenhöhe Darmstadt became a World Heritage Site!

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