20 Years Réseau Art Nouveau Network at the 2019 Jugendstilfestival in Bad Nauheim

15/09/2019 > 15/09/2019

Under this title, former (Gisela Christiansen und Metta Tiemon) and current Members (Friedrich-Karl Feyerabend und Andreas Hilge) of the Bad Nauheim Group from the Association Jugendstilverein presented the Réseau Art Nouveau Network during a special event in the framework of the 2019 Jugendstilverein, in the presence of the Mayor Klaus Kress and the Vice-Mayor, Peter Krank, of the City. The history of the Network since 20 years as well as the active participation of Bad Nauheim since its the beginning of its membership to the RANN Association was related and illustrated.

The current goals and projects of the RANN were presented by the coordinator and Secretariat of the Association, Anne-Lise Alleaume (urban.brussels).

The event was an opportunity to enjoy the Jugendstilfestival, with takes place each year in mid-September and enable Art Nouveau and nostalgic fans to enjoy clothes and dance and games as they were in the past or through demonstrations of historical crafts, lectures and exhibitions, as the reform movement of Art Nouveau influenced society and culture.

Do not miss the next Art Nouveau Festival, which will take place from 11 to 13 September 2020!

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