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The interiors of Art Nouveau period: Research, Reflect, Restore, Reuse - 2020
Proceedings of Symposiums

On the occasion of RANN’s 20th anniversary,, a founding member of RANN, hosted an international symposium in Brussels on 29 & 30 November, co-organised with RANN, in partnership with the Horta Museum and the CIVA, and dedicated to the theme “The interiors of the Art Nouveau period interiors: analyse, restore, make accessible”.

The research and progress of our knowledge of Art Nouveau has always been one of RANN’s primary objectives. If Art Nouveau is accessible to everyone in the street itself and while the Art Nouveau facades are the ornament of many European cities, the interiors arouse both from the academic world as from the general public many questions related to their accessibility, to their knowledge, to the refined restorations that they require.

This subject of interiors had not yet been scientifically exploited in a transversal manner in Europe; the aim of this colloquium was to provoke a confrontation on research practices, understanding, conservation and enhancement of Art Nouveau interiors, in order to identify new research perspectives.


Art Nouveau & Ecology, Miscellany - 2015
Proceedings of Symposiums

From 2010 to 2015, the Network focused on the theme of “Art Nouveau and Ecology”, within the framework of a new project sponsored by the European Commission’s Culture Programme. The aim behind the project was to return to the origins of the movement, whilst establishing its connections with the 21st century.
An international symposium entitled “The Perception of Art Nouveau”, which was held in Brussels in 2010, provided a frame of reference for these five years of work. “The Nature of Art Nouveau”, a touring exhibition featuring images reflecting the wealth of the Network partners’ heritage, travelled to some fifteen different cities. In addition to these events, five historical laboratories were established to carry out research into the links between Art Nouveau and nature. In collaboration with environmental specialists, the participants also studied Art Nouveau artists within the context of their natural environment. This publication, which presents a selection of texts from different conferences, serves as a conclusion to a project rich in exchanges and events. Of interest to specialists and the general public alike, its programme of activities has helped to preserve and emphasise the cultural value and European dimension of this legacy, so precious to us all !

Art Nouveau in Progress, Colloquium, Wien - 2002
Proceedings of Symposiums

24-25, October 2002
Centered on the same theme as the exhibition “Art Nouveau in Progress”, this international colloquium examined the ways in which the Art Nouveau heritage has been promoted throughout the 20th century. It retraces the history of its gradual rediscovery and emphasizes the current problems involved in its preservation and presentation. A wide range of European examples will serves to illustrate the fate of this heritage, which is still in jeopardy or currently benefitting from processes of restoration and transformation.

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